Social Issues Essay Topics

Social Issues Essay Topics As students, your professor will require you to write an essay on social issues. To ace on writing the paper, you will need to develop indisputable social issues essay topics.  What Is A Social Issues Essay?  Since the beginning of time, social issues have overwhelmed many people’s lives. As a student, […]

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Social Issues Essay Topics

As students, your professor will require you to write an essay on social issues. To ace on writing the paper, you will need to develop indisputable social issues essay topics. 

What Is A Social Issues Essay? 

Since the beginning of time, social issues have overwhelmed many people’s lives. As a student, you have been noticing things in your society that aren’t good. For instance, while walking along the streets, you may have seen little kids begging for food and survival needs. To live, these poor kids on the street have been subjected to begging.

There are so many social issues that affect livelihood today. As a student, you are therefore given a platform to explore social issues, their effect on the society, the causes, and possible solutions through an essay. 

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How To Write An Essay On Social Issues

  • Choose an ideal topic
  • Research on the subject matter
  • Be respectful in your writing
  • Remain calm
  • Be convincing 
  • Write, revise and edit your essay

Choose An Ideal Topic

For you to maintain an interested audience, ensure to settle for an interesting social issues essay topic. Therefore, ensure to examine how relevant a social issue is to society today and develop a topic that is both controversial and interesting. 

Research On The Subject Matter

Once you have identified an exciting social issue topic for your paper, it would best if you considered looking for academically credible and approved resources. Your essay must encompass logical proof of all your arguments and ideas. 

Be Respectful In Your Writing

At times, students use a disrespectful language when writing social issues essays. Your essay describes issues that affect people daily, and it deems fit that you remain respectful throughout your writing. Your readers will feel offended where you keep attacking or disrespecting them whatsoever. Choose your words and organization of sentences wisely. Avoid generalizing certain groups. 

Remain Calm

Many students are overly excited when writing on a topic they are passionate about. Regardless of how passionate or excited you are about writing on a given subject, you shouldn’t rant. Your essay shouldn’t showcase episodes of complaints but should logically and rationally avail solution measures. 

Be Convincing 

Controversial social issues are argumentative. Therefore, ensure to convince your audience through remaining unbiased through all the logical arguments and shreds of evidence you present. 

Write, Revise And Edit Your Essay

It would help if you sat down, arrange your thoughts and research findings into an outline. When writing, you need to follow the introduction, body, and conclusion format. Once you have written your essay, proofreading becomes inevitable. Through revising your work, mistakes and errors are identified.

100 +Social Issues Essay Topics

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Peace And War Topics

For years, nations have been craving for peace, which becomes impossible in the face of war. Therefore, writing a social issue essay on peace and war topics helps you acknowledge how war has deprived the global peace and ways hope and faith can be instilled in the populace. 

  • The role of the media during wartime
  • The children of war
  • Discuss war crimes across the world
  • Historical genocide of the genocide in Armenia
  • What are the roles of women in war
  • How does the economy of war affect society
  • Is society concentrating on peace education
  • How did the war in Syria affect other countries
  • Effects of war on terrorism in the society
  • Ethnic cleansing

Social Justice Essay Topics 

Today, social injustices have been experienced in income equality, gender, religion, and even sexual orientation. Social justice and injustice issues are experienced daily, and a student gets a chance to shed more light on remedial measures. Below are social justice essay topics to consider. 

  • Are Arabs and middle eastern subject to discrimination
  • Is ageism similar to racism
  • How do recovering addicts deal with social injustice
  • Discrimination towards pregnant women is on the rise
  • What are the consequences of deprivation of healthcare
  • How is our society dealing with social injustice
  • How fair are labour laws
  • Discuss fat-shaming in the job market
  • Do convicts still get punished even after serving their time
  • How is society viewing domestic violence towards men

Social Sciences Essay Topics

Students in social science classes are required to write essays addressing social issues. Choosing ideal and catchy social sciences essay topics has never been easy for the majority of the students. The list below helps give you an inspirational insight into interesting social sciences essay topics.

  • Have gender roles changed in the society
  • Gay marriage
  • Evolution of eating utensils
  • The topic of abortion
  • Discuss weird burial customs
  • Government mandates
  • How did languages evolve
  • Obesity and social life
  • Mention everything about totem poles in the USA
  • Marital rape
  • Traditional medicine around the world
  • Materialism
  • Poverty and social life
  • Polygamy in the society
  • Cyberbullying
  • Describe gift-giving customs in different countries
  • Beauty standards
  • Discuss modification in the past and present
  • Social stratification
  • Sex work is also referred to as paid rape

Illiteracy Topics 

Over the years, a fight against illiteracy has prevailed on the corridors of nations. However, there are still illiteracy social issues that affect economic and social stability. When tasked with illiteracy essay topics, your focus should settle on depicting the effects and remedies hence rebuilding the economy and social stability. 

  • How illiteracy affects the American society
  • Discuss women illiteracy in African countries
  • What are the problems caused by illiteracy
  • The relationship between poverty and literacy
  • How does emotional illiteracy affect families
  • How adults overcome illiteracy
  • Discuss illiteracy in the digital age
  • Discuss illiteracy in the US
  • Can financial illiteracy harm you
  • Can social media help you overcome the problem of illiteracy

Migration And Immigration Topics

Every year, people migrate from one country or nation to another in pursuit of a better life. There are so many factors that contribute to the immigration. Immigration affects the society greatly, and you need to develop catchy migration and immigration topics for your social issues essay.

  • Define forced migration
  • Discuss the history of Australian immigration 
  • How can immigrants adopt the American society
  • What are the causes of the deportation of illegal immigrants around the world
  • Discuss the Egyptian illegal immigrants in Italy
  • What are the consequences of building a war between Mexico and America
  • Refugees across the world
  • How did Irish diaspora change life in the US
  • Palestine refugees in Jordan
  • What are the causes of behind illegal immigration

Violence Essay Topics

Violence is one of the world’s most traumatizing subjects. Every day, violence cases are reported. People are no longer responsible. Therefore, violence has remained a social issue that prevails globally. 

  • Gang and violence in Miami
  • Discuss rape culture in the society
  • Gun control in the US
  • The effect of political unrest on domestic violence
  • Aggression in children
  • Movies and violence
  • Discuss the impacts of political turmoil on domestic violence
  • How to deal with social media bullying
  • How to prevent child abuse
  • Discuss abuse in the world of sport

Consumption And Development Topics 

Consumption has always remained part and parcel of life. Nonetheless, how does consumption affect development? Over the years, nations have experienced development retardation due to overconsumption hence facing a social crisis. The consumption and development topics below help you write the best social issues essay. 

  • Discuss consumptions on different industries
  • How can business influence discussion trends
  • Discuss the consumption culture in America
  • Children consumption of fast foods
  • Overconsumption in the US
  • Consumption of Alcohol
  • Africa water consumption
  • The power of buyers in different industries
  • History of sustainable development in the US
  • The dynamics of consumption the US market

Cultural Property Topics

Cultural heritage affects how people live today. Therefore, there is a need for you to understand and interpret cultural properties and heritage and how it affects society at large. Below is a list of cultural property topics for your essay. 

  • Discuss cultural heritage in Russia
  • Food culture and the difference it makes in the society
  • Art looted in war time
  • Selling copied artefacts
  • History of stealing cultural heritage
  • Mention the ownership of stolen antiques
  • Protection of our cultural heritage in times of war and peace
  • Cultural heritage in Asia
  • The importance of preserving our cultural heritage
  • Museum in Europe should restore ancient artifacts

Discrimination And Prejudice Topics 

All over the world, groups of people are treated unfairly. The discrimination faced by people emanates from a particular prejudice against them. Below is discrimination and prejudice topics ideal for your social issues paper. 

  • Discrimination against gay people
  • White privilege in the society
  • Define sex discrimination in the workplace
  • Hate speech in the job market
  • Reverse discrimination
  • Discuss stereotypes in the US
  • What is discrimination in sports
  • Discrimination in the Middle East
  • Segregation in the US
  • Hate speech on social media
  • Racial profiling and its effects

Pornography Essay Topics 

Today, children are exposed to pornography at an early age hence affecting their thoughts. Pornography has for years remained a social issue and must be addressed head-on. Below are pornography essay topics for you. 

  • Children and pornography
  • When to know you are addicted to porn
  • Does pornography addiction affect the family line
  • Effects of pornstars who crossed over to other industries
  • Is suicide common in the porn industry
  • Discuss the pressure in the porn industry
  • The shame of porn stars in the society
  • How to deal with leaked personal pornography videos
  • How to deal with pornography addiction
  • Do porn stars suffer from society shaming
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There is no doubt that writing a successful essay means a good grade. Nonetheless, you can never write a successful essay on social issues without a catchy topic. The above social issues essay topics and writing guidelines help you develop a foundation for your assignment. 

What are some good social issues to write about?

The best social issues to write about include:
1. Children
2. Addiction and substance abuse
3. Violence
4. Human and civil rights
5. Teenagers
6. Discrimination and prejudice
7. Ageing
8. Economic issues

What are 10 social issues?

The top ten social issues include; homelessness, basic needs, homeless population, teen depression and suicide, teen abuse and violence, poverty, obesity, transportation, youth alcohol usage, and smoking.

What is social issue essay?

This refers to the type of essay that talks about something of real concern that affects a particular group of people.

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