Research Paper on Depression

Research Paper on Depression Even though depression is a common disease worldwide, writing a paper on this subject is daunting. However, with the right approach, one’s research paper is subject to shine and remains educative. Are you looking for useful and profound information on how to write a depression research paper? Well, many students are […]

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Research Paper on Depression

Even though depression is a common disease worldwide, writing a paper on this subject is daunting. However, with the right approach, one’s research paper is subject to shine and remains educative. Are you looking for useful and profound information on how to write a depression research paper? Well, many students are required to write a research paper on depression as part of their coursework.

Depression is broad and requires a high level of keenness and research for you to write a shining essay. When it comes to writing a research paper on depression, the majority of the students settle for the wrong approach hence scoring scary grades. Nonetheless, there is still hope where you follow the guidelines pinpointed below in this post.

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Understanding Depression

The first task should be, understanding depression in depth. Mainly, depression is related to persistent mood disorder. Therefore, you need to understand the causes, types, remedies, and different aspects of depression.

In the past years, many scholars and students have tackled depression essays and topics, and reading through them will help you determine your area of focus. You can only shine in your research paper on depression if you amass the right information on the topic.

Develop An Outline For Your Research Paper On Depression

In the absence of an outline, the majority of students waste a lot of their precious time researching and experience unwanted challenges while writing the paper. You need to, therefore, develop an outline that helps you remain viable in all your arguments and focused on the main point. Your research paper will never shine when you skip a crucial step as this.

When developing an outline, ensure to consider the following.

  • Identify a manageable topic
  • Develop a list of citations
  • What is your research paper objective
  • Identify points that you need your essay or research paper to present
  • Define a thesis statement
  • Outline your work

Identify A Manageable Topic

Depression is broad and complex. Therefore, ensure to examine your thoughts and standpoint as far as depression is concerned. Consequently, you will manage to identify a unique topic for your paper. Once you develop the topic, consider doing some preliminary research on the topic.

You need to peruse through identical publications and synchronize the facts on those publications with your thoughts. Your paper will be exceptional, where you identify gaps that need filling.

Develop A List Of Citations

As you conduct your research, you will come across facts and information relevant to your area of focus or research paper. Ensure to jot down quotes that you find viable and argumentative. Proper referencing is necessary when writing your research paper. Therefore, ensure to jot down your sources accurately. You need to organize the citations.

What Is Your Research Paper’s Objective?

You need to understand the fundamental purpose of your paper. Therefore, write down your paper’s objective. The objective must be fixed in one sentence. Through the objective, you will manage to define the outcome of your depression research paper.

Identify Points That You Need Your Essay Or Research Paper To Present

Make notes as you conduct your preliminary studies on your topic. Through the notes, you will manage to identify points that you will be addressing in the essay. Brainstorm on the subject and detail the ideas that you develop.

Define A Thesis Statement

It is after brainstorming on the topic and developing different ideas that you revise the ideas to create a thesis statement. Your thesis represents the main idea. All the other thoughts in your essay must complement the main idea. Therefore, ensure to organize your thoughts in a sequential and logical arrangement. You need to synchronize your thesis statement with the objective of the research paper.

Outline Your Work

Define what appears where in your outline. The introduction is always the first part of your essay. The thesis statement appears in the introduction part. You need to have three main points that will help create the body of your research paper. Every idea must be expounded in its paragraph. The last part of your essay is the conclusion. On its own, the end should give a summary of the areas that the introduction and body cover.

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Introducing Your Research Paper Accordingly

You have an obligation of writing a catchy introduction. Your introduction must grab not only the attention of the reader but also improve their inquisitive nature. Therefore, ensure to give a comprehensive thought about the paper but concisely.

Take your time and understand the research paper topic and writing requirements. You can only ace in writing the paper where you know the task first. Therefore, ensure to follow the above guidelines that will help you to set the right pace.

Peer Pressure and Social Anxiety as Contributory Factors to Depression

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Peer Pressure and Social Anxiety as Contributory Factors to Depression

The peer group is a representation of the most important and unique context in the advancement of many skills and competencies in childhood. This is simply interpreted by the fact that engagement with friends helps one acquire cognitive, social, emotional, and communicative skills at a younger age providing the foundations of subsequent development. The group formed by peers may also be a representation of the settings of internalizing complications signs such as depression and anxiety. In these groups, children might feel fear, uneasiness, and self-consciousness (Blom et al., 2010). However, teen depression has symptoms such as inability to experience pleasure, variations in activity levels, and appetite, and excessive guilt. Research explores the links between anxiety and peer pressure in relation to early teens’ depression (McKenzie et al., 2010). Through observation of behaviors, researchers take advantage of accessing the side range of time and contexts bringing their responses concerning the relationship that exists.

Teens get pressure from their colleagues to perform academically, become independent persons to deal with their physical and hormonal body changes. Above that, teens are under the constant pressure of fitting to things that make them approved by their peers. Cummings, Caporino & Kendall (2014) note that this pressure of approval and fitting in groups can be overwhelming, leading to depression and related mental disorders. Everyone has the pressure to fit in the groups that they admire, but for peers, the pressure conforms to getting approval, which most times are acute. When children become teenagers, they start figuring out who they are and whom they want to be with. Most of the teenagers look to be popular in their peer groups using various means. Some of the ways that they may use to get popular are through trying drugs and risky habits. Chan & Chan (2013) notes that other teenagers might as well change themselves to gain popularity. This might lower their self- esteem a great deal. Teen pressure often claims many teens their mental state leading to depression. Depression is a serious mental health that can result in a loss of interest in different activities. The peer groups make teenagers feel and behave in a certain way causing emotional, physical, and functional problems, resulting in teen depression. Issues related to peer pressure, change of body, and academic performance among teens can result in lots of problems resulting in temporary feelings, which are early symptoms of depression.

Helfert & Warschburger (2013) notes that the introduction of children into social interactions world takes steps. In their teenage years, they mostly concentrate on building relationships with their priority being to be popular. Peer pressure can also influence teens to take drugs and practice bad habits, which illustrates their emotional drain. Struggling to fit in and to be accepted by others, many teenagers become victims of depression. Unfortunately, many parents have not recognized the power that peers pressure on changing their teens. This has negative implications for teens’ performances and their ability to stand peer pressure and get depressed. Teens spends most of their time with their peers and not with their family spend a result of the influence that they get from peers. Parents should check on their young ones’ friends.

Chan & Chan (2013) notes that anxiety and depression have always gone together. Many people with the experience of one experience the other one at the same time. It has been noted that nearly one-half of depressed people have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. When one misses work, sleeps too much, and feels sad, they have got a high chance of missing opportunities in their lives. When experiencing these things, their depression begins to lift, and one might later realize how they neglected themselves where now anxiety set sin. For this case, it has been noted that depression can result in acts as a predictor that an individual will be depressed. Anxiety can also be depressing.

Cummings, Caporino & Kendall (2014), anxiety is a sense of unease, such as worry or concern, which might be mild or severe at other times. However, anxiety is considered as the primary symptom of panic disorder. Everybody has got feelings of anxiety at some stage in our lives. For instance, one might feel nervous and worried about having a medical test or a job interview. During these times that one experiences anxiousness, depression might build in the struggle to manage constant worry, the frequent feelings of anxiety might influence an individual’s daily life The peer groups make teenagers feel and behave in a certain way causing emotional, physical, and functional problems, which might expose them to anxiety which in turn leads to teen depression. McKenzie et al. (2010) note that there is a powerful association between depression and anxiety. Anxiety coping strategies are recommended to people with depression, even when someone does not suffer from anxiety. Depression can develop as a result of anxious thoughts, which might seem particularly true to those experiencing panic disorder, which might trigger the feeling of fear, disaster, or hopelessness. Furthermore, people coping with anxiety might not be living their dream lives, which reinforces the feeling of powerlessness or loss, ultimately leading to depression.


Blom, E. C. H., Serlachius, E., Larsson, J. O., Theorell, T., & Ingvar, M. (2010). Low Sense of Coherence (SOC) is a mirror of general anxiety and persistent depressive symptoms in adolescent girls-a cross-sectional study of a clinical and a non-clinical cohort. Health and quality of life outcomes, 8(1), 58.

Chan, S. M., & Chan, K. W. (2013). Adolescents’ susceptibility to peer pressure: Relations to parent-adolescent relationship and adolescents’ emotional autonomy from parents. Youth & Society, 45(2), 286-302.

Cummings, C. M., Caporino, N. E., & Kendall, P. C. (2014). Comorbidity of anxiety and depression in children and adolescents: 20 years after. Psychological Bulletin, 140(3), 816.

Helfert, S., & Warschburger, P. (2013). The face of appearance-related social pressure: gender, age, and body mass variations in peer and parental pressure during adolescence. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health, 7(1), 16.

McKenzie, M., Olsson, C. A., Jorm, A. F., Romaniuk, H., & Patton, G. C. (2010). Association of adolescent symptoms of depression and anxiety with daily smoking and nicotine dependence in young adulthood: findings from a 10year longitudinal study. Addiction, 105(9), 1652-1659.

What are the most effective ways to treat depression research paper?

The most effective way to deal with depression is through talk therapy, commonly known as physiotherapy. It is usually joined with antidepressant treatment. Other treatments include vagus nerve stimulation or electroconvulsive therapy which are admitted to patients who don’t respond to the first treatment.

What are the main causes of depression?

The leading causes of depression are past physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, genetics, significant events, conflict, death or a loss, certain medications, severe illness, and other personal problems.

What is the purpose of research about depression?

The primary purpose is to scrutinize the relationship between emotion and memory.

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