Proposal Essay Topics

Proposal Essay Topics In a class, students are asked to write an essay proposing a certain idea. Therefore, you are to choose a proposal essay topics that help you avail shreds of evidence to readers on the bad or good side of your proposed idea.  What Is A Proposal Essay? Proposals are overly familiar in […]

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Proposal Essay Topics

In a class, students are asked to write an essay proposing a certain idea. Therefore, you are to choose a proposal essay topics that help you avail shreds of evidence to readers on the bad or good side of your proposed idea. 

What Is A Proposal Essay?

Proposals are overly familiar in the economic and business world. Nonetheless, proposals aren’t limited to the business transaction field. Students are, therefore, required to write proposal essays as part of their academic training. A proposal essay enables you to present and defend an idea by providing pieces of evidence supporting why the idea is ideal or bad. 

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Format On How To Write A Great Proposal Essay 

  • Strategize
  • Research
  • Pre-write, proofread and edit your essay


You need to plan and strategize before writing any sentence. Therefore, ensure to examine your audience. How you propose an idea to business people is different from how you do it to government officials.


Your proposal needs secondary resources that help you support your suggestions and arguments. Spend your time on research and verify the credibility and reliability of your resources. 

Pre-write, Proofread, And Edit Your Essay

You need to brainstorm on all your ideas and develop a great organization on how to present those brilliant ideas. Once you organize your thoughts, it would help if you considered writing from a peaceful environment. Write while choosing your words and sentence craftsmanship wisely. Your essay must be revised to pinpoint mistakes. Editing helps eliminate all the errors, ensuring that your essay is grammatically right and well punctuated.

Tips On How To Choose A Good Proposal Essay Topic

Examine The Assignment Details 

Every professor has predefined anticipations from the proposal essays assigned to students. You need to, therefore, understand the assignment in-depth. A thorough understanding helps you discover all kinds of limitations, timeline, and other important guidelines. 

Choose The Right Proposal Essay Topics

It would help if you chose an exciting topic to write a successful and propelling proposal essay. Therefore, ensure to brainstorm on different ideas and jot down all interesting topics that you feel deem fitting the essay. When choosing the topic, you must examine your familiarity. A topic that has been written on in the past needs new spinning. 

There are instances when you will have more than one interesting topic on your list. Consider brainstorming on the topics while developing ideas for each. Once you formulate the ideas, ensure to do basic research on each one of the topics. The research helps you identify the most researchable topic. Avoid choosing a too broad or narrow topic for your proposal essay. 

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100+ Proposal essay topics 

Proposal Essay Topics: Technology

Technology has changed how people communicate, live, and do things. Technological developments are skyrocketing, and you need to understand how these advancements impact the populace. Below are topics that help you understand the role of technology in the world today. 

  • The development of technology and its harm to society
  • What are the adverse health effects of using video games
  • What are the ways to prevent cybercrime
  • All countries should adopt internet censorship
  • Do you think teachers in the US overly in the technology
  • What are the effects of technology on relationships
  • How can students respond to cyberbullying
  • Children are not supposed to watch TV
  • Is wireless technology more cost-effective?
  • What are the solutions to overcoming the gap between the rich and poor
  • How do you react to information on the internet headlines
  • Impacts of cyberbullying and how to respond to it
  • How can parents and teachers help curb cyberbullying 
  • How to use social media to increase student productivity
  • Methods of preventing online data from cyber theft 
  • How should children be taught about responsible internet use
  • How has technology changed the way modern business work
  • How can we control the information we get from the internet
  • Depending on technology kills creativity.
  • How to teach children to use technical gadgets at the best value

Proposal Essay Topics: Parenting

Parenting is a broad subject that’s overly sensitive. The role parents play in the lives of children affects their future either negatively or positively. You must, therefore, propose your profound parenting ideas through your essay. Below are parenting topic ideas to consider.

  • How to overcome strong emotions in a parent-child relationship
  • What can parents do to ensure their children treat others with respect
  • The objective reasons why parents blame schools for spoiling their children
  • Should parents let their children do whatever they want
  • Parents who are not capable to properly take of their children should be given a second chance
  • How can parents motivate their children not to procrastinate jobs
  • How to protect your children from peer pressure
  • Should parents pay their children for doing regular house chores
  • What is the best way to discipline kids
  • Should there be a reward for good performance in school
  • Parents and teachers should encourage their children to pursue science education
  • What is the best alternative way of punishing your children
  • What are the most effective methods of teaching children about money
  • How can parents influence their children without punishment
  • Parents should have extracurricular activities for schooling children

Proposal Essay Topics: Culture

It is impossible to overrule the role played by culture in life. There is, therefore, a need for you to understand how certain cultural practices or profiling impacts life. The below proposal essay topics on culture helps you propose culture-related ideas. 

  • What can we do to prevent the decline of morality in social media
  • Define cultural awareness and where it is relevant
  • Compare traditional family values to bread and circus culture
  • So many experts and too much bad behaviour among children. Explain.
  • What should you do and avoid while in a foreign culture
  • It is never too late to go back to your old ways of life.
  • What are the effects of lack of tolerance
  • What are the right questions to ask a foreigner before resulting in cultural intolerance
  • While morality is deemed outdated risky behaviour is accepted 
  • How can the government reduce discrimination towards ethnic minorities
  • Impacts of patriotism
  • The need to stop overspending on credit
  • How can the government reduce homelessness in society
  • What are the ways to end stereotyping and cultural profiling
  • How can parents raise their children to have humility instead of entitlement

Proposal Essay Topics: Education

Education is a chief agenda globally. Both the students and teachers must be supported where improved performance is necessitated. Here is a variety of proposal essay topics on education to choose from.

  • How can we socially support teachers in rural areas
  • How can teachers help students help overcome class psychological pressure
  • What are the teaching methods that must be prohibited
  • How can teachers help their students from procrastinating
  • What are class activities that improve students motivation and involvement
  • What are the ways students should be taught about their health
  • What are the impacts of adopting standardization of tests
  • What are the exercises that improve students reading comprehension
  • Teachers should warn children about negative life aspects
  • What are the best techniques useful for both the teachers and student
  • What are the programs to encourage children to participate more in sports
  • The need for schools to ban typing lectures
  • Do qualified teachers have the right to reign in the school
  • Are there other ways to monitor student performance apart from using grades
  • Do we have to return same-sex classes to improve students’ performance

Proposal Essay Topics: Sports

Sports have become a daily activity among different groups of people. There are so many rules governing different sports types, and you need to consider the proposal essay topics on sports below. 

  • Do college athletes have to be paid
  • College sports should undergo a drug test
  • How should coaches encourage students to another new level
  • Rules that improve a child’s education
  • How can coaches and players approach the media after losing a game
  • How can students prepare for possible injuries or retirements
  • How should the press do coverage on sports
  • Should extreme entertainment activities be banned
  • Should experienced gamers be considered as athletes
  • Discuss the benefits of sporting activities
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Proposal Essay Topics: Business

Business has remained a strong pillar of the modern world and living. There are, therefore, so many business proposal essay ideas that are available. The ideas will help you improve business performance and establish remarkable strategies on business growth and marketing. 

  • What are the ways to reduce corporate responsibilities
  • What are the e-commerce strategies for attracting new customers
  • Does bankruptcy have to be an option
  • How should companies reward employees
  • The ways to influence corporate policies acceptable to students
  • The importance of training programs in the assimilation of new employees
  • What is the solution of unemployment among the youth
  • How to set the company mission in the right direction
  • How to find your way out of college.
  • Corporate culture the transformation needed for managers
  • Should employees emails at work remain private
  • How can we solve the problem of resistance to change in your workplace
  • The benefits of outsourcing solutions to help improve the business
  • Should the customer report any mistreatment from the company
  • How should business maintain trust with their clients

Proposal Essay Topics: Environment

Environmental degradation has remained a worldwide catastrophe in the world. Therefore, you need to use proposal essays to present profound and insightful ideas and remedial measures that help stabilize the environment. Here are some topics to consider. 

  • What are the benefits of zero waste living
  • What can an average person do to fight global warming
  • Evaporative coolers as green alternatives to air conditioners
  • What is the best solution for plastic bags problems
  • Electricity from wind reduces global warming
  • How can the problem of e-waste be solved
  • Should dog bite laws be more specific
  • What can be done for an obsolete lifestyle
  • Should animal exploitation by the dairy and meat industries be banned
  • What can the government do to help fight global warming

Proposal Essay Topics: Health

Health is a primary area of focus for nations globally. Therefore, there is a need for you to understand all the faculties in the health department and how they impact the well-being of people, nations, and the world at large. Below are health proposal essay topics to consider. 

  • How can we stop the problem of smoking among the youth
  • How to control kids from getting close to drugs
  • Training programs for improving the integrity of interdisciplinary teams
  • What is the effective program to curb the illegal use of drugs
  • Should we stop discussing marijuana legalization
  • Test tube babies have a higher of congenital disabilities
  • Should we come with a program for attracting more male nurses
  • What should be done to increase funding in cancer research
  • How do we combine fun and healthy lifestyle
  • Are cloning tissues for incurable disease ethical
  • Pharmaceutical experts should share their finding early enough to reduce research and development expenditures
  • How can students be persuaded not to experiment with drugs
  • How to choose a sleeping partner
  • What are the best methods of boosting health without the use of medicine
  • Training programs to improve the doctor-patient relationship
  • What method can we use to reduce child obesity
  • What are the healthy alternatives to caffeine
  • What are the major health trends we can learn online
  • The best way to prevent deaths from drunk driving
  • Daily essential nutrition have to be taught in schools

In Conclusion

Through proposal essays, students get an opportunity to present an idea and convince their audience on why they feel it’s either good or bad. You are to, therefore, consider selecting the best proposal essay topics while following the above proposal essay writing tips. 

What is a proposal essay?

This is a type of essay that proposes the idea and comes up with the evidence to back up the idea.

How can I write proposal?

To write a proposal, you first need to state your purpose, provide some background information, provide a solution, display cost, then finally, the conclusion.

What is a proposal outline?

This refers to a summary of the proposed project, including, aims, objectives, a statement of specific.

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