Problem Solution Essay Topics- 50+ Options for 2023/2024

Problem Solution Essay Topics- 50+ Options for 2023/2024 When asked to write a problem solution essay, most students face hardships deciding on their topic or subject matter. However, it would be best if you always considered identifying excellent problem solution essay topics from something that excites you. You could also lease this task out to capable […]

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Problem Solution Essay Topics- 50+ Options for 2023/2024

When asked to write a problem solution essay, most students face hardships deciding on their topic or subject matter. However, it would be best if you always considered identifying excellent problem solution essay topics from something that excites you. You could also lease this task out to capable writers by ordering essays online, and they will come up with the topics for you.

What Is A Problem-Solution Essay?

The world is full of widespread problems that need solutions. Problem-solution essays focus on a specific problem and avail of different answers. Students are always required to write problem-solution essays, and they must always have a situation, problem, solutions, and evaluations for the various solutions. 

In most cases, a problem solution essay focuses on a single problem, although there are instances when the article focuses on multiple problems.

However, all the problems must be classified under the same jurisdiction and must share identical solutions. Focusing on various problems of different realms makes your writing overwhelming, more so when synchronizing the solutions. 

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Tips On How To Choose The Best Problem-Solution Essay Topic

Selecting an excellent topic for your problem solution essay is the first step, not unless your professor has assigned a topic. The majority of the students tend to focus more on writing without defining their subject matter. Some of them struggle when there are writing services that can help them avoid this. Below are considerations to make that will help you choose the best problem-solution essay topic. 

  • Examine different problems that affect you and the people around you
  • Understand your audience
  • Is the topic interesting to you?
  • Is the topic researchable?

Examine Different Problems That Affect You And The People Around You

The first step involves examining the problems that you have encountered or that people in your life encounter daily. Therefore, ensure to brainstorm on different problems and jot them down.

Your problem solution must remain simple and easy to research and write about. Brainstorming on different ideas enables you to narrow down the prevailing while identifying the most common among the populace. 

Understand Your Audience

Who are you presenting the solution to? You need to understand your targeted audience and determine a topic that appeals to their interests.

There are common interesting subjects, like relationships, the internet, media, racism, sports, education, environment, and psychology. Consider focusing on one of the areas and identify a remarkable and prevailing problem that needs a final solution. 

Is The Topic Interesting To You?

Apart from writing a topic that excites your audience, it would be best to consider writing a topic that you find interesting. If you settle for an interesting topic, you can garner the right motivation for researching the solutions. A subject that doesn’t excite you will always subject you to writing a boring article. 

Is The Topic Researchable?

It’s one thing to select an interesting topic and another to identify a researchable one. Therefore, ensure to conduct preliminary research and understand whether different solutions are available for the problem addressed by your article. It would help if you considered looking for an answer before you start writing. 

100 + Problem Solution Essay Topics

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Problem Solution Essay Topics On College Life

College students are faced with so many problems that affect their day-to-day life and existence. At times, college life gets complicated more so when students want to balance their studies with other social activities. Below are problem solution essay topics on college life. 

⦁ Why is college education expensive and how can it be resolved

⦁ Students should consider joining a college fraternity

⦁ Can colleges be safer? Give real solutions

⦁ How does a student avoid procrastination

⦁ What can a college student do stay in shape

⦁ Mention ways in which the government can support college education

⦁ How does a student study effectively and earn better grades

⦁ How do you solve issues with your roommate

⦁ How can parents of college students let go

⦁ How can students deal with homesickness

⦁ What would you do about loud neighbors

⦁ Preventing sexual assault on the college campus

⦁ How can you handle long-distance relationships

⦁ Which college do you think is right for you

⦁ How can college students decide on a major

⦁ Being productive while in class

⦁ How can students ask money from their parents politely

⦁ Teaching students to handle stress while in college

⦁ How can college help students who are falling back on track

⦁ Are there ways to get students to attend classes daily

⦁ What should college friends when they have a suicidal friend

⦁ How can students learn to better taste takers

⦁ Getting college students more involved in politics and election

⦁ How can college students show their parents are growing independently

⦁ How can college students manage their money effectively

Problem Solution Essay Topics For Family

Families undergo a lot of transitions from one stage to another. The transition comes packed with problems that affect the well-being of the family. Problem solution essays for the family are one of the most appreciated, and below are topics to consider. 

⦁ The importance of religious education

⦁ How should parents address the social media issue with the children

⦁ How can the issue of overprotective parents be solved

⦁ How parents can encourage their children to be truthful

⦁ Are parents the cause of obesity in their children

⦁ What are some of the ways you can solve marital rape cases

⦁ The best way parents can teach their children on money management

⦁ Parents can develop a positive body image on their children to avoid eating disorders

⦁ How can individuals support the elderly

⦁ What is the best way to support children with mental illness

⦁ What are the adverse effects of parents forcing their children to do something

⦁ How can the trust between parents and children be built

⦁ What can be done to increase adopted kids

⦁ How to walk out of an abusive relationship

⦁ How can we prevent young people from ageing out of the child welfare system without getting a family

Problem solution essay topics on education

There are multiple complaints against education systems today. Many parents, teachers, and students face many problems and must consider availing remarkable solutions. Below is a list of topics to consider for your essay. 

⦁ What is the solution to gender discrimination in the US education system

⦁ How can schools adjust their requirements to the match the modern society

⦁ How to improve education to those who are struggling

⦁ The best way to use technology in classrooms

⦁ What is the solution to racial discrimination in the use

⦁ How can teachers encourage students to be long-life learners

⦁ The issue of child obesity in schools

⦁ How students can be kept to feel safer in school

⦁ How can school eliminate bullying

⦁ What are the ways to curb cheating

⦁ How to improve special needs education for high school students

⦁ Should trained teachers and workers allowed to carry concealed weapons to school

⦁ How can schools keep up with technology

⦁ How can schools contribute to solving the issue of suicide

⦁ How to allocate resources for additional school materials such as fine arts and sports

⦁ Should there be a strict dress code for schools

⦁ How can schools increase tolerance

⦁ Improving programs for talented students

⦁ What should be done to children who give pregnant in high school

⦁ How can schools improve security to ensure the children’s safety

⦁ How to prepare homeschoolers for college

⦁ How can schools attract and keep outstanding teachers

⦁ Should physical education be mandatory in schools

⦁ Should schools move to digital textbooks?

⦁ Should schools promote common core curriculum

Problem-Solution Essay Topics On Social Problems 

Today, there are social norms, relations, and values that define human behavior. However, many people tend to experience multiple problems that emanate from social issues, more so the destruction of social values and norms. Social issues lead to unwanted reactions that affect human behavior. Below are the topics for your problem solution essay on social problems. 

⦁ What is the solution to the homeless in the US

⦁ How is it possible to control and prevent teenage pregnancy?

⦁ How to improve employment opportunities in society

⦁ How can we reduce the issue of high school dropouts

⦁ How to prevent a divorce 

⦁ How to curb domestic violence against the elderly

⦁ How can increase privacy on our online data

⦁ What is the best way to reduce deaths from drunk driving

⦁ What is the solution to the huge human trafficking problem

⦁ How to encourage people to adopt children

⦁ How to control how celebrities are shown in the media

⦁ What is the best way to help children staying with divorced parents

⦁ How we can improve literacy in the US

⦁ What is the best way for a society to avoid the impact of gender roles

⦁ How has terrorism been reduced so far and how?

⦁ How to deal with illegal migrants along the borderline

⦁ How to reduce the issue of body shaming

⦁ Everyone in the world can have health insurance

⦁ How to eliminate racism in the world

⦁ How to reduce the problem of cyberbullying

⦁ How to help victims of family violence

⦁ What should do we about the increase in gun violence

⦁ How do you raise awareness of children being more cautious while on roads

Problem Solution Essay Topics On Sports

Sports have been modernized, and so many people benefit greatly from coaches, athletes, sports psychologists, and physicians. All these groups of people experience multiple problems in sports. It would be best to consider the topics below, which help you acknowledge common problems in modern sports. 

⦁ Parents and Coaches push children too far in sports

⦁ How can the use of steroids be limited

⦁ How can players prevent injuries from occurring

⦁ Should college athletes be paid

⦁ How to improve coaching in high schools

⦁ How do college students balance education sports and business

⦁ Sports venues should be improved

⦁ Do athletics kids train so hard

⦁ Estimate payments of your favorite

⦁ Increasing the number of fans that attend the sports

⦁ Select your best sport and how a person can be prepared for it

⦁ How can players be prepared for an inevitable loss

⦁ How to become a better athlete in your favorite sports

⦁ Ways for coaches to encourage athletes

⦁ How should money from sports be divided between players and owners

Problem Solution Essay Topics On Relationships 

People establish relationships daily. While in a relationship, people often rely on the connection between certain norms, ideologies, and phenomena. If you need to write a successful problem solution essay on relationships, ensure to consider the topics below. 

⦁ How to help a depressed friend

⦁ How can we break down group barriers

⦁ How can we prevent social media bullying

⦁ What is the best way to move out of the “friend zone”

⦁ Understanding the difference in culture, race and social status

⦁ What is the best way to deal with manipulative people

⦁ How can we stop sexting in high school

⦁ How can end stereotyping and racism

⦁ How can you help a friend making poor life choices

⦁ The easy solutions to abusive relationships

⦁ Compare and contrast texting vs. face to face communication

⦁ What can be done to ensure people have real relationships

⦁ How to become confident in three simple steps

⦁ Who should take the first step in the relationship

⦁ How to free yourself from an unhealthy relationship

Problem Solution Essay Topics On Transportation 

Transportation plays a vital role in the well-being of people in society. Nonetheless, there are so many problems cumbering the transportation industry and field. Pinpointed below is a list of problem solution essay topics on transportation for you to consider. 

⦁ How to reduce deaths due to drunk driving

⦁ What should be done to the problem texting while driving

⦁ Does your local driving education program need to be changed or updated

⦁ How to prevent the worst violation of traffic rules

⦁ How to handle parking services around campus premises

⦁ What are the ways to get to a place you have never been to

⦁ What traffic laws need to be adjusted

⦁ What is the better way to train students to become better drivers

⦁ Why people should consider public transportation

⦁ What changes can be done to improve getting to town

An Example On How To Write A Problem Solution Essay

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As a student, you must determine a great topic for your essay. The topic must be interesting to you as a writer and to your audience. Therefore, ensure to understand and employ the above guidelines and essay topics. 

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What is a problem and solution essay?

This refers to a type of essay that analyzes and writes on a topic through recognizing the problems and coming up with solutions. It is often considered as an argument.

How do you write a problem solution essay?

To write this type of essay, you need to look for factual evidence that supports your solutions to the problem. You begin by introducing the problem in the first paragraph, which defines the thesis statement. Present the solution by backing it up with facts and reasons on why it is the most appropriate.

What is a problem and solution?

This refers to an organized pattern where information in a paragraph is expressed as a dilemma and what should be done to remedy this issue.

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