Philosophy Of Nursing Essay

Philosophy Of Nursing Essay Philosophy of nursing essays plays an imperative role in helping you show your beliefs, values, and ethics as a nurse. Therefore, you need the right guidance on how to write the best philosophy of nursing essay.  As a nursing student, you are to submit an essay on the philosophy of nursing. An […]

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Philosophy Of Nursing Essay

Philosophy of nursing essays plays an imperative role in helping you show your beliefs, values, and ethics as a nurse. Therefore, you need the right guidance on how to write the best philosophy of nursing essay. 

As a nursing student, you are to submit an essay on the philosophy of nursing. An essay on nursing philosophy plays an imperative role in creating a platform for you to demonstrate your values, beliefs, and ethics as a nurse as your eye on providing exceptional services and care to your patients.

The majority of nursing students experience hardships when writing these essays and end up getting poor grades. There is hope for you to write the best philosophy of nursing essays. However, you will have to follow the guidelines below. 

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It is impossible to write successful nursing in philosophy paper without first acknowledging the beliefs that you hold tight onto. Therefore, ensure understanding of why you are in the nursing industry and what you believe. Nurses are, at times, working in harsh and stressful conditions.

The patients you are attending to, care about their wellbeing at the expense of your wellbeing. Therefore, you only find anchorage in your beliefs when the going gets tough or when your patient recovers and heads home. 

There are so many factors influencing your nursing career and how you and other people perceive it. Therefore, you need to always consider your intrinsic beliefs and values before writing an essay on nursing philosophy. 

The best essay will emanate from understanding those beliefs important to your career and your relationship with patients and other nursing professionals. 

Once you figure out the essential beliefs as a nursing student, you need to identify the traits that define a remarkable and successful nurse. Therefore, the nursing articles’ philosophy helps you understand why the nursing career is so important to you. 

As a nurse, you need to make choices by answering the question “why.” Therefore, ensure to synchronize the why question with the nursing ethics and career needs. 

As a nursing student, you need to harmonize your mental and emotional existence. Therefore, your essay must focus on helping you connect your career with your emotional-and-mental-self. 

Nurses practice their nursing philosophies every day they attend to patients and interact with other professionals. However, many practising nurses find the task of writing their philosophy of nursing essay pointless. Nonetheless, you need to understand how demanding the career is and how overwhelmed you might feel.

Day in day out, you will meet people of different calibres, harsh, arrogant, and friendly. Nonetheless, you need to always eye on availing quality services to all the patients without discrimination. Therefore, what is your philosophy in nursing?

Through taking the time to write your philosophy of nursing paper, you will have the opportunity to rewind your values, abilities, aspirations, beliefs, and goals as a nurse. Therefore, through your essay, you will manage to overlook the burnouts and garner fresh motivation. 

  • Define nursing from your standpoint
  • Why nursing?
  • Define your traits
  • How will you impact society?
  • Conclude your essay

Define Nursing From Your Standpoint

Personally, what is nursing? Defining nursing at a personal perception helps you master what you believe in. The majority of the nurses focus on the formal definition instead of getting personal in the exercise. Always ask yourself what nursing means to you. 

Why Nursing?

People have different beliefs and motivations for joining a particular career. Therefore, ensure to understand why you are in the nursing industry and not in the finance and banking business. It would be best if you defined the importance of a nursing career in your life. 

Define Your Traits

In support of why nursing is critical to you, you should define those traits and values that make you a perfect fit for the career. 

How Will You Impact Society?

Your essay must always demonstrate the value you are to add to society. For instance, if you feel you are called to serve the underprivileged by offering quality services, you should have your paper pinpointing the impact.

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Conclude Your Essay

The essay’s conclusion helps communicate those beliefs that are dear to you as far as the career is concerned. Therefore, ensure highlighting all the beliefs and values that are fundamental and significant to you in this career. 

Whether you are a student or a practicing nurse, a nursing essay philosophy helps harmonize your career with your emotional and mental existence and wellbeing. Therefore, ensure to understand the above guidelines, which help you craft the best essay. 





                                                Personal Philosophy of nursing

            Nursing philosophy is an outline describing the values beliefs, and motivation for being in the profession. It is a combination of educating, practice, and professional ethics that are related to the field. An occupation like nursing will require that a person connect and understand that this is not just a job but also a calling. Endless dedication, responsibility, compassion, and empathy are some of the attributes of a nurse. Different factors influence a person to do nursing as a career. It could be family, friends, mentors, or even passion. My inspiration to do nursing was brought by my desire to help others like my mother. A personal philosophy in nursing helps people connect with their values and beliefs by sharing their experience and profession. It will play a role in every job that a nurse will have in their career.

 Growing up, I watched my mother work in the health center, and I saw the satisfaction that she got from helping people. I got my inspiration from that, and I knew that nursing was my career choice. My passion for nursing grew more influential in college as I expanded on my skills. During this stage, I learned the qualities of a good nurse and the attributes of a caring, compassionate nurse who possessed emotional intelligence. Taking care of patients gave me a lot of satisfaction when they recovered and were discharged from the institution. Nursing is both an act and a science that involves both the heart and mind. A nurse should respect human dignity and privacy and be honest about their diagnosis and treatment. The account will help the nurse to understand the medical learning and the application of various procedures.

 Nursing is broad and requires a lot of specialization and skills to be able to perform its requirement. A person cannot be right in everything, and that’s why they specialize in their secure areas and improve on their weak points. Specialization is based on the passion, expertise, and experience of a person. A nurse interacts with patients each day and is supposed to have empathy for them. Giving them hope and encouragement is a professional requirement that consoles them in their hard times. Personal characteristics such as caring, sympathy, and kindness will help a nurse become a nurse. A nurse is not only a medical provider but also a friend and a comforter.          

            Nursing is more than treating illness; it also focuses on delivering quality care to a patient and giving them the best experience. A nurse is an integral part of the healthcare system, and not only do patients rely on them but also other medical staff. I believe that a nurse is more than a health caregiver, but also a person is also genuinely concerned about the physical, social, and spiritual well-being of a patient.  They are rooted in helping the public, and society depends on them in a significant way. A nurse has a lot of impact on the community because of the help that they offer. They are seen as talented people who give hope and encouragement to the society. A lot of positive things have been said about nurses. In my experience, I have seen how to appreciate nurses. The community is satisfied by the work nurses are doing and the outcome of their services.

 Nursing is not a career for everyone, and a person willing to join the road should consider a lot of factors. Firstly, what is there motivation to do nursing? What inspires them to join this career line? Before joining nursing, I would recommend that they compare the options with other careers and see if that suits them. Secondly, they need to weigh on their willingness and dedication to providing care for patients despite the numerous challenges in the field. They must play the role of a medical practitioner, a friend, and a comforter. A person willing to join nursing should be patient, respect human dignity, and be honest. Many people are hesitant to join nursing because of the duty to take care of a person’s life. It is a calling, and a person interested in joining nursing should not be afraid of nursing responsibilities. 

 In conclusion, nursing philosophy describes the beliefs and values of a person who joins the professional. The key attributes of a person who joins nursing are patient, respect for human dignity, and honesty. What drives me more into nursing is my interest and dedication to helping people. Building my skills and expanding my expertise has also helped me get a lot of satisfaction with the work outcome. Nursing is a calling, and a person willing to join; it must be prepared and dedicated to taking care of patients. They play the role of a medical assistant, friend, and comforter. They must also be patient, respect human dignity, and honest while handling patients. Nursing is very fulfilling, and anybody, and there’s is a lot of satisfaction when you see the smile in a person’s face as they walk away from the health center.

What is your philosophy of nursing?

A philosophy is nursing refers to a statement that defines the values, ethics, believes, and motivation as part of the nursing profession. It also determines the choices you make on the job every day.

Why is philosophy important in nursing?

Philosophy is critical in nursing because it helps nurses think critically and reflect on their values which influence their practice and way of being.

What is the central reason for the existence of nursing?

The main reason for the existence of nursing is to improve the quality of life by educating people and taking good care of patients.

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