Philosophy Essay Topics

Philosophy Essay Topics As a philosophy student, your professor will assign you philosophy essays, enabling you to showcase your understanding of a subject matter. However, many philosophy students experience problems determining the best philosophy essay topics.  What Is A Philosophy Essay? Students in philosophy classes are expected to think and argue rationally. Therefore, philosophy essays play […]

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Philosophy Essay Topics

As a philosophy student, your professor will assign you philosophy essays, enabling you to showcase your understanding of a subject matter. However, many philosophy students experience problems determining the best philosophy essay topics. 

What Is A Philosophy Essay?

Students in philosophy classes are expected to think and argue rationally. Therefore, philosophy essays play a vital role in examining students’ rational argument skills as they prove a certain point or idea. The majority of the students bank on their story-telling skills, linguistic prowess, and eloquence of language when writing philosophy essays.

Even though the good language is required, the beauty of a successful essay is the ideas and the shreds of evidence provided in support of a certain opinion. Therefore, you should always eye on proving your point in the most precise and concise way. A philosophy essay must, therefore, have a proposition that necessitates proof. 

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100 + Philosophy Essay Topics 

The most deeming fitting philosophy essay topic must be interesting to you while writing and to your readers when reading. Therefore, ensure to consider the topics below. 

  • The value of knowledge and truth
  • A way to justify tortures
  • What is the purpose of death
  • What is the sense of your existence
  • Moral epistemology
  • The reason why there are evil people
  • Would you like to live forever
  • Do people suffer by choice
  • The theory of the black hole
  • What does power mean to you
  • What is the future of the humankind and humans
  • Acting morally is needed in order to achieve happiness
  • Critical thinking and subjectivity
  • What are the things that can make someone’s life useful or useless
  • Feminist epistemology
  • How can harmony be achieved
  • Does the American dream exist
  • Does knowledge come from learning or experience
  • What is the significance of good and evil
  • Is there life after death
  • Is life hard
  • Rationalism and modern application
  • How would you define eternity
  • Should criminals allowed to have children
  • What is one true purpose of living
  • The theory of scientific realism
  • How would you design an ideal world
  • Do human beings deserve to have children
  • Who are superior intellectually between dogs and cats
  • Do genetics contributes to one’s behaviour
  • Behaviourism vs. cognitive science
  • Should the experiment of animals be  allowed
  • Who suffers more when it comes to fashion men or women
  • What are the pros and cons of having total control
  • Postmodernism ideas in philosophy
  • Does happiness comes from helping others
  • Quantum logic and probability theory
  • Is it possible to justify murder
  • Determinism and freedom in society
  • The concept of happiness through the prism of modern youth
  • Is any truth relative. Does it change from situation to situation
  • What can you do to always think positively
  • What are the pros and cons of organ transplantation
  • Could there be ever peace in the society
  • The existing dualism in philosophy
  • What do you think will be future of mankind
  • What is the ethic behind cyber currency applications
  • The effect of video games on one’s behavior
  • What does sexual desire tell us about humans and their behavior
  • Language of thought and knowledge argument
  • What are the reasons why people commit suicides
  • Is it difficult to have a happy life
  • Is it ethical to have circuses and zoos
  • Should patriotism be regarded as a virtue
  • Is there need to be responsible to acquire wealth
  • The theory of conventionalism and constructivism
  • Is there situations wire you will have to lie than tell the truth
  • Should abortion be legalized
  • How dependent are ethics on religion currently
  • The interpretation of the Copenhagen concept
  • What do you consider as the greatest treasure in her life
  • What is Utopia
  • Do you prefer a simple explanation
  • Understanding events in semantic theory
  • Do you believe there is democracy
  • Can an individual considered educated if he doesn’t attend school
  • Should enthusiasts be legalized
  • Is morality subjective or objective
  • The philosophy of language
  • Are there people who live without feeling alive
  • Can the belief in God change human nature
  • How does social media influence our morals
  • The role of women in the history of philosophy
  • How do people differ from Animals
  • The effects of utilitarianism
  • Do boredom lead to trouble
  • Deconstruction and existentialism
  • Is education a necessity for all people
  • What are the Pros and cons of capital punishment
  • What is the purpose of consciousness
  • The theory structuralism and post-structuralism
  • Should people be allowed to break the rules for greater good
  • Can beauty truly be found within
  • How to increase the level of IQ
  • The theory of ethical naturalism
  • How can one boost his creativity
  • Should churches be involved in politics
  • What tendency does humanity follow
  • Liberty and affirmative actions
  • What does loneliness mean to you
  • What are the differences between free will and spiritual power
  • Does supernatural exist
  • The global implications of medical ethics
  • Does everyone has both good and bad traits
  • Discuss crucial modern values
  • Is torture justifiable
  • Aesthetic experience and judgment
  • Is cloning morally acceptable
  • Are we the only living organisms in the universe
  • Understanding the relationship between peace war and philosophy

How To Choose The Best Philosophy Essay Topic

The most complex task of writing a philosophy essay is choosing a philosophical topic. Therefore, you need to examine the different subjects in the philosophy realm and brainstorm through to identify a great topic. 

It would be best if you chose an interesting topic and that meets the academic inquiry thresholds. Take your time to understand whether the topic is debatable, researchable, and academically fit. You are to choose a topic within the five faculties of philosophy; ethics, epistemology, politics, aesthetics, and metaphysics. 

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What Is The Philosophy Essay Structure?

Like most academic papers, a philosophy essay must have an introduction, body segment, and a conclusion. You need to develop an outline for your essay, which serves as a blueprint for your paper. Through your outline, you will have a thorough organization of the facts discussed in the essay. What appears on which part?


Your audience needs to familiarize yourself with your focal point or the essay’s main idea in the most concise and precise way. Therefore, readers will gather primary information relating to your essay and the topic being discussed through your introductory paragraph. 

You need to develop a thesis statement and have it featured in the opening paragraph. Your thesis statement communicates your main opinion or points succinctly. Therefore, through a thesis statement, your readers will understand the trajectory that your essay follows.

Debatable thesis statements help create successful philosophy essays. Your thesis statement should never share indisputable facts since you need to showcase two sides of the subject matter through rational arguments. 


Your essay is structured to encompass five paragraphs. The body segment comprises three paragraphs, although there are instances when you can write more than a three-paragraphed body. Every paragraph in the body section should discuss a certain idea in support of your thesis statement. Therefore, your standpoints must be written most compellingly. 


Readers need closure after reading through your essay. Therefore, ensure to summarize the arguments covered by your article in a clear manner. In your conclusion, ensure to give insightful reasons for your standpoint on the subject matter. 


It would be best if you remained careful when choosing your philosophy essay sources. Some of the sources are unreliable, and the information contained therein not credible. Therefore, ensure to settle for academically accredited resources since you are writing an academic paper. However, there are instances when you can settle for credible sources without the academic realm. 

Finalize your philosophy essay

As the writer of the essay, you need to acknowledge the weight of your arguments and the paper at large. Therefore, ensure to understand the requirements of the task and examine how the essay meets the threshold. Your outline will enable you to examine your essay closely and determine whether you have followed the sequential arrangements of your facts, arguments, and counter-arguments. While reading through your essay, ensure to examine whether it makes sense. 

Your paper must observe the right language. Avoid terminologies that will confuse your audience. Through understanding your audience, you will manage to examine and revise the language and terminologies used. 

Finally, it would be best if you proofread your work. Proofreading creates a platform for editions. Your work must be grammatically right and correctly punctuated. 


Cite your resources appropriately and give credit to other scholarships to draw shreds of evidence for your arguments. There are different citation styles from MLA, APA, Chicago, and Oxford. However, examine the citation instructions as availed by your professor. 

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Philosophy writing is common among students. However, very few people understand the role played by the topic one settles for. Therefore, you need to understand the above guidelines and philosophy essay topics for a successful philosophical paper. 

How do you start a philosophy essay?

Here are the simple steps on how to start a philosophy essay; arrange your thoughts carefully, use the appropriate words, support your claims, give appreciation, have objections then finally proofread your work.

Why philosophy is important in our life?

Philosophy is essential this is because it helps us to solve our problems and make better decisions by developing our critical thinking.

How do you write a philosophy argument?

To write a philosophy argument you need to separate your ideas from the authors, be charitable, define important terms, arrange your ideas then finally expound on each premise.

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