Law Dissertation Topics – A Unique List For 2024

Law Dissertation Topics – A Unique List For 2024 At the culmination of your graduate law studies journey, a dissertation writing process arises. A dissertation is mainly the last assignment that helps you fully satisfy your studies. Nonetheless, so many graduate students experience hardships identifying ideal law dissertation topics. Some even opt to get dissertation services to […]

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Law Dissertation Topics – A Unique List For 2024

At the culmination of your graduate law studies journey, a dissertation writing process arises. A dissertation is mainly the last assignment that helps you fully satisfy your studies. Nonetheless, so many graduate students experience hardships identifying ideal law dissertation topics. Some even opt to get dissertation services to help take their load off.  As a law graduate student, you must present a dissertation paper at the end of your graduate studies. The paper is both complicated and time-consuming because it requires keenness, determination, and extensive knowledge.

Therefore, your law dissertation paper will have to present a unique solution to a specific problem after examining available regulations, data, and cases. A law dissertation project focuses on examining a particular idea, conviction, regulations, cases, or data most convincingly and persuasively. 

Why Scholars Should Choose The Best Law Dissertation Topics

The topic you select is crucial. It will determine how easy or difficult writing your thesis will be. Here are some of the things to consider while coming up with great legal topics to write about. 

The Gap That Exists In The Legal Profession

It is important to do extensive research and determine which areas need to be explored or need more attention. For example, you might decide to go for Public law and focus on LGBTQ rights, freedom of expression, and religion. This way, it will be easy to make a name for yourself since the competition is a little low.

The Opportunity To Work On An Area Of Interest 

You can decide to settle for a topic you’ve always had an interest in or a topic that fascinates you. This freedom of choice will make your writing easier because you will be working on an area that excites you. An area that is engaging and interesting.

The Availability Of Resources 

Because a dissertation is a long piece of writing, you wouldn’t want to pick a topic that will turn out to be difficult or non-researchable. One way to ensure you don’t struggle a lot is to choose a topic with enough resources. This means you have enough supportive materials like academic journals, textbooks, and books by accredited authors. Also, choose a topic with enough data to work from or one that has not already been exhaustively researched. 

Pick Topics That Make It Easy To Defend Your Thesis

At the end of your essay, you will be required to defend your thesis. So, it is advisable to go for an arguable topic you can easily defend. Having evidence to back up your thesis and enough resources will certainly make your writing easier.

How To Select The Best Law Dissertation Topic

Identifying a perfect topic for your law dissertation topic is a challenge since there are many considerations to make. However, a perfect topic should be manageable with sufficient resources. Often, students overlook the necessity of choosing a topic focusing on current trends and issues. Below are guidelines that will help you understand the best way to select the best law dissertation topic. 

Understand There Are Different Laws

Law is quite broad as it covers different laws. For this reason, you need to understand that your paper cannot cover all the law faculties. Therefore, determine whether you are to write a dissertation under the umbrella of family law, or you will focus on employment, accidents, international laws, finance, property, or other types of law. 

Where Is Your Interest?

Most law students settle for a given subject matter following its superiority and not because they are interested in pursuing it. It would help if you had an excellent grade for your project. Thus, you should consider a topic that falls within your interests’ clauses. 

Develop Unique Research Questions

Chances are, you will receive numerous research questions engineered to help you develop ideas for your dissertation paper. Nonetheless, consider developing your original research questions where you need a unique analysis and dissertation approach. You will be able to identify your perspective, exciting ideas and eventually offer the paper the right approach and information analysis through the questions. 

Narrow Down Your Subject Matter To A More Manageable Topic

Settling for a broad topic means a more tedious and complicated process. Therefore, you must narrow down your topic to a more researchable and manageable level. A researchable topic is easy to handle. You must, therefore, act moderately to avoid narrowing your topic too much. 

Work With Your Supervisor

Your dissertation supervisor plays a significant role in ensuring you remain relevant throughout your paper. Consequently, when developing a topic for your project, you should seek insightful and profound guidance from your supervisor. Through the supervisor, you will manage to identify an interesting topic that is worth focusing on. 

Tips On How To Write A Law Dissertation Essay

Producing your law dissertation is the final qualification for your graduate degree. Therefore, you need to understand the simplest way to write your law dissertation. Once you have chosen your dissertation topic with your supervisor, the next step involves writing the paper. Below are guidelines to consider.;

Conduct Your Research

Before embarking on writing the dissertation, you should have a profound understanding of the law. Therefore, conduct some extensive research that helps you identify credible and reliable resources. New law trends keep getting formulated. Hence, you need to settle for credible resources that help rejuvenate your understanding and knowledge of the law.

Determine A Conducive Environment For Your Writing

A law dissertation is complex to write. You need to avoid writing from an environment full of distractions. Therefore, identify a spot where you can have your peace of mind while writing the paper. You could either settle for a library or a coffee shop that isn’t busy. 

Identify The Right Structure

A law dissertation follows a specific structure that you need to understand. Following the right law dissertation structure makes your planning and writing worthwhile. You need to, therefore, commence with a dissertation proposal. Remember to examine the length of your paper. Work closely with your supervisor to help you understand the right outline and structure for your paper. 

Write, Proofread, and Edit

The last step to writing a successful law dissertation is proofreading your work after writing the first draft. Therefore, it is important to correct all grammatical mistakes. Mistakes are costly, and you need to examine the flaw, consistency, and relevance. You can make a point of getting an essay editing service to help you get through this.

A List of Law Dissertation Topics You Can Use

Family Law Dissertation Topics

This category talks about issues surrounding marriage, family members, relationships, and the rights they possess. It also talks about children’s rights, adoption, and procedures to follow in the event of a divorce.

1. Separation and division of the financial assets.

2. Minimum marriage age limit.

3. Child labor legal issue in third world countries.

4. Legislative line between child abuse and punishing.

5. Influence of gender roles and stereotypes in the divorce process.

6. Change in custody cases resolution in the last decade.

7. Legalization of assisted suicide for terminal patients.

8. Social and economic benefits of same-sex marriage legalization.

9. Legislative changes regarding parental relocation with a child.

10. Solving inheritance issues.

Human Rights Law Dissertation Topic

Human Rights is an important area of the law inherent to all human beings, regardless of their race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, and other status forms. This topic involves studying a wide range of issues that affect humans with respect to the law. 

1. A study of human rights in the age of artificial intelligence.

2. A literature review on the role of NGOs in advocacy of human rights.

3. Investigating the importance of human rights education in developing countries to promote a better future.

4. What are the major LGBTQ community rights?

 5. How can human rights violations by the police be prevented?

6. Which are the most violated human rights at workplaces and why?

7. What hinders the equal representation of females in leadership roles?

 8. Why are LGBT marriages and relationships not allowed in some nations?

 9. Do social media networks guarantee privacy rights?

 10. What are the common causes of physical abuse among married couples?

Public Law Dissertation Topics

Public law is often a sensitive issue, with many cases being decided having gray areas where the law is unclear.

1. Understanding the right to vote for prisoners.

2. Cybercrimes rise and punishments.

3. Race discrimination in the modern law system.

4. Legislative measures regarding privacy on the internet.

5. How the legal system can prevent domestic violence.

6. Legal issue of online data collection and how it should be monitored.

7. The ambiguity of the legal system when it comes to political figures.

8. Laws designed to protect the LGBTQ community.

9. How qualified are courts to decide the fate of a child in these matters?

10. Where anti-abortion laws exist, should courts have the authority to make allowances for rape victims?

International law dissertation topics

International law is a comprehensive body of norms, standards, and rules used between legally recognized international states.

1. International tribunals’ efficiency regarding war crimes.

2. Differences of human rights in different countries.

3. Forecasting the future of digital and internet legislation.

4. Differences between international and national regulations.

5. Refugees’ legislation and their immigration.

6. Regulations that should become international.

7. Intervention and consequences of internationally wrongful facts.

8. Principals behind the formulation of international criminal law.

9. The piracy law and national approaches to international legislative norms.

10. Civil liberty and public safety correlation in international legislation.

11. Problems regarding enforcing international law in third world countries.

Tax Law Dissertation Topics

Tax law or revenue law deals with the rules and regulations set by the government regarding the constitution of taxation. The tax law dissertation topic can be a tricky subject to write on. This is because of the varying nature of the subject and multiple loopholes in the system.

1. The role of foreign currencies in the development of an economy.

2. Self-employment and the way it is concerned with taxes.

3. Freelancers & taxes: the legal way to work in an unofficial capacity.

4. Tax evasions: most genius offenses and ways they were revealed

5. Why is it significant to collect the income tax from the general masses?

6. International income taxes & complying with them.

7. How is technology influencing various dimensions of the taxation process?

8. Evading taxes & counter-actions aimed to identify them

9. Accidental taxation frauds: is it possible?

10. In what cases may taxation be canceled?

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

This legal study and practice define what constitutes crime and the prosecution of those who commit such crimes. It is important to consider that criminal offenses are broken down into two: misdemeanor and felony. Misdemeanors are crimes considered of low level that attract penalties of less than one-year jail term. On the other hand, a felony is a more serious crime like robbery with violence or murder.

1. Differences between legislation about males as well as female rape.

2. Ways that a lie detector can be beneficial.

3. History and incidents of death penalty.

4. Ways of protecting crime witnesses from retaliation.

5. Factors related to a crime that should not be presented to the jury.

6. Analyzing the relationship between Islamic criminal law and human rights.

7. A thematic review of criminal theory: Exploring the link between crime and morality.

8. What are the implications of the war on terror on the enforcement of criminal law: 

Employment Law Dissertation Topics

Employment laws facilitate the relationship between the employer and the employee. It also involves a wide range of issues varying from issues and challenges faced in employment, varying from working conditions, applicable wage rates, religion, and discrimination in the workplace.

1. Differences and similarities of maternal versus paternal leaves.

2. Differences of gender in employment regulations.

3. Trade unions employment legislation analysis.

4. Cases in which laws of dismissal are valid.

5. Groups of people that are still discriminated against in the employment sphere.

6. How employment contract may be tempered with and how to avoid it.

7. How legal code about workers’ legal status changes throughout the years.

8. Regulation efficiency about female versus male workplace sexual harassment.

9. Reviewing legal perspectives of social work employment.

10. A critical evaluation of the key legal aspects of the employee and employer relationship.

Intellectual Property Dissertation Topics 

International property (IP) law is a specialist field of law dealing with the ownership and protection of creative works such as inventions, designs, brands, music, etc. Protection methods include patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

1. A review of intellectual property law through the antitrust principle.

2. A global perspective on intellectual property law 

3. What does the law guide regarding intellectual property 

4. A systematic review of the rationale for personal property rights of immigrants 

5. The representation of data in intellectual property laws

6. Intellectual property law in the digital community 

7. The context of foundationalism in intellectual property law 

8. The economic context of intellectual property law 

9. Intellectual property of criminals 

10. A review of tribal property rights

Medical Law Dissertation Topics

This legal area focuses on the responsibilities and rights of medical professionals and patients.

1. Amendments required to protect women from forced pregnancies.

2. Hospitals that practice discrimination.

3. Should male partners sue their female partners for abortion.

4. Strengths and weaknesses of organ transplant as per guidelines.

5. Medical complications during surgeries.

6. Stem cell research.

7. Legalising forced sterilisation.

Immigration Law Dissertation Topics

The main objective of immigration laws is to protect human rights at the regional, domestic and international levels.

1. Nationality legislation and what they mean for immigrants.

2. Whether mentally ill people should be given a status of lawful immigrants.

3. Circumstances under which immigrants are assigned status of refugees.

4. Discuss the measures to control Illegal Immigration.

5. Rendition & extradition intricacies for immigrants

6. Should immigrants who have not attained permanent residence status receive life term in prison if they commit a crime?

7. What possible violations can occur in legislation pertaining to immigrants

8. Immigration vs. emigration: difficulties & similarities

9. Under which legal circumstances should immigrants be allowed to enter a country. 

10. Immigrants’ children conceived or born on a country’s territory: their rights & limitations

Commercial law dissertation topics

This is a broad area of legal practice that deals with laws related to persons, businesses, and merchants engaging in sales, trade, and commerce

1. Reasons and motivations of companies act amendments.

2. Burdens faced by creditors.

3. Hidden dangers and potential results of commercial partnerships.

4. Pre-incorporation contracts.

5. Consumer complaints about businesses and business practices

6. Complexities associated with starting new businesses.

Contract Law Dissertation Topics

This topic governs the monetary exchange that takes place between a business and its employees.

1. The importance of contract law for small business owners

2. The effects of contract law in changing the global business environment to be more sustainable.

3. A discussion of contract law in the digital age. Its importance and challenges.

4. The implications of online privacy policies on contract law 

5. An analysis of contract law enforcement in the public sector in emerging economies 

6. Valuation methodologies of contract theories – analysis of literature 

7. Contract law and unjust enrichment – exploring the challenges and barriers to effective implementation

8. Globalization and contract law 

9. What role does the state play in contract law

10. The role of contract law in governing the monetary transactions of multinational organizations

Company Law Dissertation Topics

Company law refers to a governing body that protects the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations, and institutes. It is an integral part of Charted Accountancy, Law, and other business-related subjects.

1. Legal duties of companies’ directors.

2. How companies act affects outsiders’ rights.

3. Limited liability partnership model.

4. Companies breaking environmental laws.

5. Financial and non-financial drivers of corporate governance.


The law dissertation writing process is complex and requires keenness, planning, and credibility. Therefore, ensure to follow the above guidelines, which will help you develop a successful topic and write the best paper. Consequently, you will have one of the best grades appearing in your transcript. Our law experts are always available to help you write any law paper you have.


How long does it take to write a law dissertation?

Because the writing process is long and tedious, it might take you a year or more than a year on a rare case. You can avoid prolonging your dissertation by planning it thoroughly.

What is the ideal word count for an LLM dissertation?

Most universities give a minimum and a maximum number of words. The word counts depends on your topic and the supervisor, but you can have an average of 40,000 words.

Do law students have to write a law dissertation?

This depends on the type of institution you are in. Some will require you to do a research paper only, and others will require you to write a dissertation. However, for an LLM, a dissertation is compulsory.

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