Immigration Research Paper

Immigration Research Paper Every day, thousands of people emigrate from their motherland to another country. There are various issues affected by immigration, making it quite a hassle to write an immigration research paper. However, with the right guidance and approach, the task becomes a marvelous possibility. There is no doubt that many people emigrate from […]

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Immigration Research Paper

Every day, thousands of people emigrate from their motherland to another country. There are various issues affected by immigration, making it quite a hassle to write an immigration research paper. However, with the right guidance and approach, the task becomes a marvelous possibility.

There is no doubt that many people emigrate from their motherland to another country in pursuit of a better life. Every day, migrants are moving into the country, and professors might require you to write an immigration research paper.

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Immigration is a broad topic that demands a high level of keenness when it comes to writing a research paper. Therefore, the majority of students experience unwanted hassles and hustles when tackling this topic.

Nonetheless, all hope is not lost as with the right approach; you are promised to address this topic remarkably. Below are tips that, when followed, will help you write the best research paper on immigration.

There are manifold reasons as to why people migrate from their motherland to another country. Below are some of the reasons.

  • War in their motherland
  • Low living standards in their country of origin
  • The pursuit of upgraded living standards
  • Good education system
  • Political instabilities
  • Adventure
  • Running away from a haunting past

A research paper must observe the universal law of formatting. Therefore, ensure to have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


The introduction brings your audience on board to understand your main idea. Without the introduction, the reader can not acknowledge your area of concentration or focus. Therefore, ensure to craft a catchy introduction that will motivate readers to read further. A dull and obvious introduction scares readers away.

Your paper needs a thesis. The thesis statement communicates your main idea. Typically, the thesis statement appears in your introduction part. Therefore, ensure to craft a meaningful and manageable thesis.

How you commence your introduction matters greatly. Therefore, ensure to ask a rhetorical question in the introductory sentence. The question helps maintain the concentration of the audience while perusing through the research paper.

The Body

Once you have introduced your research paper and the thesis statement, you should proceed to support your argument. The body expounds on the thesis statement. Mainly, you need to have three strong points that synchronize well with the thesis statement. The idea is to have arguments that support your thesis.

You need to, therefore, have three main paragraphs in your body segment. Every section must tackle a single idea or argument.


It is after handling the introduction and the body paragraphs that you conclude your work. The conclusion plays an imperative role in reminding the reader of the paper’s thesis statement and the supporting ideas discussed in the body. Therefore, ensure to write a remarkable conclusion. The conclusion by itself must pinpoint what the paper is all about.

For you to maintain flow in your immigration research paper, ensure to write the thesis statement first, body, introduction, and then the conclusion. An outline is necessary as it helps you remain within the peripherals of your arguments.

Identifying a remarkable topic for an immigration essay has always been a hassling task for many students. However, you need not worry as there are multiple topics to focus on. Immigration is quite broad, and it’s only through narrowing that you identify a unique and easy to write a topic. When choosing a topic, you must think outside the box while within one.

Immigration Research Paper Topics To Consider

·         How does immigration affect livelihood in the US

·         How should the US improve its immigration policies

·         Are immigration rates skyrocketing or lowering, and does this affect the US natives?

·         What are the rates for illegal immigrants from Mexico?

·         How is illegal immigration-related to crime rates in the US?

·         How can the US deal with illegal immigration?

·         Does immigration impact the nation positively?

·         How viable are Trump’s defined immigration policies, and how do they affect the nation at large?

·         How do illegal immigrants affect the social, economic, and legal wellbeing of the nation?

·         How should undocumented immigrants be handled?

·         Is immigration a fuel for the resurgence of outbreaks and ailments?

·         How easy is it to migrate from one country to another?

·         Is illegal immigration justifiable?

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Immigration essays are not as complicated as many perceive them to be. Therefore, you need to understand the best approach for the paper. Consequently, you will save your valuable time and earn the best grade for the article. 





The Last Wave of Immigration

The United States took in a lot of immigrants in the 19th century. Many came to the country in search of new opportunities. With each wave of immigration, the United States experienced a change in both their culture and the context of their lives in order to accommodate new people from a different part of the world. These changes proceeded well into the following century. The last wave of immigration took place after 1965. It has large numbers coming from Latin America and Asia. The United States took in over one hundred immigrants each year.  The peak of the migration of both Asians and Latin Americans took place in the nineteenth century. There are currently over four million immigrants of this descent in the United States. Immigrants came to America in such of new opportunities including jobs, educations and better facilities. The nineteenth century saw the United States turn into a multiracial state where many different kinds of races settled and worked to earn a living.

A large number of immigrants in the 1960s came to America in search of a better economy. However, the cost to enter the country was too high. At the time, immigration laws had not been reformed which meant that entry into the country was not free. During the 1960s, the population of foreigners in the United States was at its lowest. The decade ahead would however lead to changes in immigration in the country. The laws that had been made after the Second World War discriminated immigrants based on race. It was not until the Civil Rights movement that these prejudices were put to rest and new policies were put in lace to allow immigrants into the country regardless of their ethnicity. The then president Lyndon signed a petition at Liberty Island eliminating the quota system that had been previously put in place and established a regime that favored immigration. The laws gave visas to refugees, professionals, scientists as well as artists. Workers and families who had naturalized into the United States citizens were also issued with visas to enable them enter into the country. This regulation allowed families to be reunited and would lead to various changes in the demography in the coming years. As a result, immigration to Europe reduced and more and more Latin Americans as well as Asians came to America as entry into the country had been eased through these policies.

The most significant development in the last wave of immigration us based on an economic shift that occurred in Both the United States and other countries in the Western hemisphere. This occurred between the late 1960s and early 1970s. the initial sign of this shift was the end of the Bracero program and an alteration in immigration laws in America allowing people to come through the border to contribute to the industrialization of the country. Although these events were driven by the wave of freedom reforms including the introduction of civil rights and the right to vote, they influence this era and concluded the contract labor movement thus transforming the United States Immigration System. These occurrences caused various key structural changes in the economy of the United States and that of Latin America that exist in the present day. A major alteration that took place during the last wave of immigration of Latin Americans and Asia was the replacement of workers who were not authorized at the time. Most of these laborers came from Mexico City. Although using unauthorized workers reduced during this era, Congress put a complete hold on this program.

After the last wave of immigration, a lot of issues based on stratification were faced. This included stratification based on race and religion. Due to the difference in cultures between the Native Americans and the immigrants, they settled in different parts of the country and were awarded jobs with lower wages compared to the white settlers. For instance, demographical structures were formed whereby most immigrants settled in the south side of cities which were considered less developed. This is because white people feared that allowing these people into their neighborhoods would put their lives at risk.  As a result, most immigrants who had to work for lower wages had to settle in the south side of cities where housing was more affordable. Due to the deep roots of slavery that were still entrenched among White people, they allocated facilities of less quality to the immigrants so that they could have better facilities, live in a better environment and work better jobs for higher wages.

Finally, the last wave of immigration saw the highest number of Asian and Latin Americans get into America. This was as a result of the changes that had been made to the immigration policies. They came to the country in search of better economic opportunities as well as better lives. Others came in search of their loved ones who had entered the country in previous decades. Although immigration was limited initially, immigrants displayed hard work and filled in any skills that had been lacking among Americans. They worked as medical specialists, teachers, and scientists improving the economy of the entire country. Stratification was based on race, where immigrants were forced to live in dangerous urban areas where they could afford to pay for housing.

What is a good thesis statement for immigration?

A good thesis statement for immigration is the opinion that you will consider on a particular topic in immigration.

What is a good topic sentence for immigration?

A good topic sentence for immigration should have an aspect of poverty of why people migrate from their countries to look for opportunities.

When did immigrants start coming to America?

The first wave of immigrants coming to America was between the 1880s to 1920 during the 19th century. Many immigrants came looking for better economic opportunities while others like the pilgrims came because of religious freedom.

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