Hamlet Essay Topics

Hamlet Essay Topics Hamlet has, over the years, remained an essential story for readers and literature students. Therefore, when asked to write a Hamlet essay, keenness should be showcased in choosing a great topic. Thats why in this post we have crafted variety of hamlet essay topics for you.  William Shakespeare’s masterpiece “Hamlet” has, for […]

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Hamlet Essay Topics

Hamlet has, over the years, remained an essential story for readers and literature students. Therefore, when asked to write a Hamlet essay, keenness should be showcased in choosing a great topic. Thats why in this post we have crafted variety of hamlet essay topics for you. 

William Shakespeare’s masterpiece “Hamlet” has, for years, shined brighter in the world of aphorisms. Hamlet showcases political conflicts, love, and tense plot themes, hence remaining one of the first popular literature pieces for centuries.

The problems showcased by Shakespeare in the piece are very much inherent today. The philosophical components attract many people like artists, literature majors, movie directors, readers, actors, and literature lovers.

Hamlet’s essays are common among literature majors in colleges and universities. Therefore, when asked to write an essay on Hamlet, you should consider identifying an engaging topic. 

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40+ Hamlet Essay Topics 

  1. Define Hamlet’s perception of love
  2. How does the character Hamlet display conflict
  3. Explain why consistency, conflict, and probability are crucial elements in Hamlet
  4. How does imagery contribute to the overall mood in Hamlet
  5. The themes of tragedy and revenge in Hamlet
  6. Talk about Hamlet’s attitude towards Ophelia
  7. Gives proofs that show Claudia as a ruler
  8. Mention comic elements that in the play that shows Hamlet as a pure tragedy
  9. How does religion refer to the play? Talk about special providence
  10. The author attitude towards hamlet on the issue of romanticism
  11. Define the contradictions that Hamlet faces throughout the play. Take into consideration the modern society towards the play
  12. Describe Hamlet’s actions towards the end of the play. Is he capable of instigating change?
  13. The most important relationship in Hamlet’s life
  14. Why is Hamlet considered as a traditional revenge play
  15. The main source of Hamlet’s evil?  Is he an evil avenger
  16. How can Hamlet be relevant today? Can he be considered a tragic hero?
  17. Relate chaos to character struggles. Use the theme of revenge to explain how characters try to reorder their world.
  18. The most painful moments Hamlet’s faced in life
  19. Give reasons why or not Polonius deserve to be murdered 
  20. Can Hamlet be considered as feminist in the play? What is their view on women?
  21. Explain how Saddam Hussein is related to the characters of Hamlet and Macbeth
  22. Describe the psychological disorders that Hamlet has
  23. How does Hamlet try to Live with depression and suicidal thoughts
  24. Describe and share your attitude towards Hamlet’s play. Why is the play important to you
  25. Describe the significance of Ophelia in Hamlet’s life
  26. Does Hamlet take revenge on Claudia? Should he avenge his father’s death?
  27. Compare and contrast Hamlet and The censors
  28. Analyze deception in the play Hamlet 
  29. Explain why the scene at the end of the play defined as inevitable
  30. Analyze honour and corruption from the examples of Claudia, Laertes, Fortinbras, and the dead king Hamlet
  31. Analyze the progression of Hamlet’s character
  32. Analyze the relationship between Hamlet and Claudia
  33. Analyze Hamlet’s character in terms of hero or villain
  34. How does the use of imagery in act three influence the whole story
  35. How does Hamlet go through inner and outer conflict
  36. Describe Hamlet’s Oedipus complex nature
  37. Analyze the definition of justice in Hamlet’s play
  38. Describe the nature of Hamlet’s madness
  39. Analyze Polonius character
  40. Explore the use of comedy in the play
  41. Explore the use of descriptions and images in the plays
  42. The central theme of Hamlet Is the struggle between good and evil
  43. Describe the role of the main characters in the play
  44. Explore the role of the minor characters in the play
  45. Analyze how Hamlet perceives death

Choosing The Best Hamlet Essay Topics

Hamlet showcases honour, loss, love, and betrayal themes. Therefore, when writing the literary paper, you should consider a theme that works for you and develop a topic. A great topic will help you write your essay smoothly but at the same time, help you earn an outstanding grade.

The first step to identifying an ideal topic for your essay is reading through Hamlet thoughtfully, critically, and thoroughly. Therefore, read to understand the play correctly. Majority of the students tend to read the book like any other magazine which ends up confusing them. You need to understand the critical angle that suits your reading and apply it when analyzing Hamlet. 

After you have read the book through, you should decide on the theme direction that suits you perfectly. Always settle for a theme that makes you excited to expound or write about. You must never consider discussing more than one item as it contributes to vaguely written literary papers. Narrow down your topic to a manageable level. You need to settle for a specific theme, character or symbol. 

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Tips On How To Write A Hamlet Essay

For years, writers have borrowed the craftsmanship portrayed in Hamlet to craft and write their literary work. Therefore, when asked to write a Hamlet essay by your professor, you should always tread carefully and have an in-depth understanding of the protagonist while analyzing the novel at large. Below are tips to consider when writing a hamlet literary essay.

  • Define your essay’s structure
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Don’t cover everything you know about the topics
  • Choose your examples thoughtfully
  • Who’s your audience
  • Acknowledge the assignment’s guidelines

Define Your Essay’s Structure

With a broad theme for your Hamlet essay, you should consider translating your thoughts, arguments, and ideas into writing. Therefore, ensure to develop an outline for your paper. Your outline avails a preliminary organization for your article. You should, therefore, have three segments on your framework; introduction, body, and conclusion. Writing your Hamlet essay is not easy and it can be time-consuming. Instead of spending a lot of hours writing the paper, you can get writers specialised in writing Hamlet essays to write it for you.


Your introduction plays a fundamental role in showcasing the focus of your essay to your readers. Therefore, ensure to captivate your reader’s attention by starting your essay with a hook sentence. Your article must have a thesis statement communicating the central theme for your composition. Therefore, through reading your hook statement, readers will get captivated to wanting more from the easy, and once they read the thesis, they will understand what your essay focuses on. 


The body is a lengthy part of your Hamlet paper. Therefore, ensure to examine the points or arguments to be analyzed. Designate each point for a paragraph. Thus, the length of the body section is subject to the number of ideas and points expounded. 


There’s a need to culminate your essay with a restated thesis statement. Readers must understand what the piece was all about through reading the conclusion alone. Therefore, summarize the points in your article while avoiding redundancy and repetition. 

Don’t Cover Everything That You Know About The Topic

Students think that Hamlet’s literary essays are a platform to showcase their linguistic, composition, and literal prowess. Your article can’t cover all aspects of a topic. Therefore, ensure to brainstorm on the subject and identify major points and ideas that are worth writing about. Your essay must be interesting to read. 

Choose Your Examples Thoughtfully

Your professor has availed enough time for the assignment. Therefore, ensure to commence the writing process early and identify patterns in the play that will enable you to support your arguments. Examine multiple cases and determine the ones that meet your essay’s threshold. 

Who’s Your Audience?

You need to develop an in-depth understanding of your audience. Knowing your readers helps you write a masterpiece composition on Hamlet. Understanding your readers makes it possible for you to use the right language. Readers must appreciate your composition without experiencing hardships. 

Acknowledge The Assignment’s Guidelines

Every professor avails instructions that will enable students to shine in their Hamlet essay writing. Therefore, ensure to examine all the instructions and understand their application. Your essay must be engaging and readable. 

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In Conclusion

For centuries, literature students have always found William Shakespeare’s literary work hard to examine and write about. However, with the right approach and a great topic, your writing task gets simplified. Therefore, ensure to understand the above guidelines and topic ideas. 

How do you write a hamlet essay?

To write a hamlet essay, you need to keenly study hamlet, decide the direction your hamlet essay will take, come up with an outline, come up with topics ideas. Read more info on this article.

What are the main themes in hamlet?

The major hamlet themes include corruption, religion, revenge, politics, women, appearance, and reality.

What is the overall message of hamlet?

It states revenge as lethal. Hamlet is the cause of his own downfall due to his obsession with revenge with Claudius.

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