Evaluation Essay Topics

Evaluation Essay Topics You need to know people’s opinions regarding a certain thing, product, book, movie, TV show, or service, among other things. Therefore, students are always asked to write evaluation essays where they evaluate a specific subject matter. That’s why in this post, we have crafted the best evaluation essay topics for you. What Is […]

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Evaluation Essay Topics

You need to know people’s opinions regarding a certain thing, product, book, movie, TV show, or service, among other things. Therefore, students are always asked to write evaluation essays where they evaluate a specific subject matter. That’s why in this post, we have crafted the best evaluation essay topics for you.

What Is An Evaluation Essay?

Evaluative writing is another name for an evaluation essay that helps present value judgments for a specific subject matter. As a writer, you must present shreds of evidence in support of your arguments, opinion, and report. Therefore, through an evaluation essay, readers will understand whether a subject matter is of excellent quality. Many a time, students confuse evaluation essay with a product review. You are evaluating a subject and not reviewing it. 

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100 + Evaluation Essay Topics

Evaluation Essay Topics: Technology

Today, it’s hard for one to stay away from technological advancements. Whether at home, school, or workplace, people are always using technology-powered gadgets and devices. Technology has played a significant role in society. Your evaluation essay focusing on technology topics will, therefore, evaluate the influence experienced from technology. 

  • Evaluate future technology; Do you think it will develop? And how will it be 
  • Compare and contrast between watching movies at the Cinemax and at home
  • Analyze how the development of technology improved music production’
  • How does technology development affect socialization
  • Evaluate whether a smartwatch is really worth it
  • Evaluate your favourite headphones and what makes them a great product
  • Evaluate how technology has improved your existence
  • Evaluate the use of smartphone and technology in schools
  • Analyze the impact of Facebook in society
  •  How has the internet changed the world
  • Evaluate playing video games on different platforms
  • Evaluate the consequences of playing video games in the younger generations
  • Analyze if video games have improved students elementary performance
  • What are the impacts of social media on relationships
  • Evaluate the latest version of your favourite smartphone
  • Evaluate the role of digital books in modern student life
  • Evaluate which social media site interests you
  • Evaluate recent threads in 3D movies
  • Analyze the use of technology in your school
  • Evaluate the most recent gadgets(PCs, tablets, smart devices)

Evaluation Essay Topics: Education

Education evaluation essays play an essential role in helping shape-up the modern education system. Education systems need redevelopments as it’s not close to being perfect. Therefore, through your evaluation essay on education, you shall manage to highlight problems that face institutions and the education system at large. 

  • Evaluate the usefulness of resources provided for the course
  • Evaluate the teaching method applied in the course if they were useful
  • Evaluate the benefits of a coaching program to students
  • Evaluate the leadership of an organization you worked before
  • Evaluate software that teaches students something to learn and understand the textbook provided better
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of statewide programs
  • Evaluate ESOL’s provision for refugees in the US
  • Analyze the implementation of inclusion strategies in US schools
  • Compare and contrast studying in private and public schools
  • Compare and contrast SAT and ACT tests
  • Evaluate the value of money of the  course
  • Evaluate the importance of teaching in a particular course
  • Analyze the efficiency of nationwide examinations
  • Evaluate the fine arts classes taught in high school
  • Analyze the cost-effective of year-round schools
  • Evaluate the way your school handles bullying
  • Compare and contrast Europe to America curricula
  • Evaluate whether the students living condition has an impact on their learning ability
  • Evaluate physical education in high school
  • Evaluate sex education programmes in school

Evaluation Essay Topics: Sports

Modern sports have become a significant source of entertainment for many people. There are so many people, teams, professionals, and investors working under the sport’s realm. Therefore, a sports evaluation essay helps showcase modern sports, effects, and ways to earn development and success. 

  • Evaluate the accuracy and biases of a sport broadcast
  • Evaluate the effects of your favourite sports on other people
  • Analyze the performance of your best sports team throughout the season
  • Compare and contrast between watching a live sporting event and watching it on the Television
  • Evaluate the coverage of most recent Olympics events
  • Analyze the influence of ESPN on sports
  • Analyze last year’s rugby world cup event
  • Choose and analyze your top player from your favourite team
  • Evaluate the impacts of a particular sport on someone’s health
  • Analyze the value of a sports team for community building
  • Assess the experience of tailgating at a soccer match for your favourite team
  • Analyze the type of supporters you would like to encounter in a sporting event
  • Compare and contrast between watching a team sport event to a single sport event
  • Evaluate the importance of scholarship to college athlete programs
  • What are the Pro’s and Con’s of watching an American football game at a sporting bar compared to watching at home
  • How universities soccer teams inspire the young generation personalities
  • Analyze the effects of recent rule changes on a sport
  • Analyze the quality of ground which a sport is played
  • Evaluate the value of cuisine at a sporting establishment
  •  Assess the regulations of playoffs for your favourite team
  • How to rank on the American playoff system
  • Evaluate how sports influence personalities of the young generation

Evaluation Essay Topics: Restaurant

Dinning has, for years, remained part and parcel of daily living. Every day, new restaurants and eateries are established. Therefore, you need to consider writing a restaurant evaluation essay that focuses on a specific subject matter that is interesting to your readers. Below are some topics to discuss. 

  • Evaluate Chinese restaurant using at least three criteria
  • Discuss the benefits of doughnuts on our health
  • Evaluate your favourite fast food joint
  • Evaluate the services of a steakhouse to their customers
  • Evaluate the specific food you love more than anything else
  • Evaluate the experience of a new restaurant in your area
  • Evaluate the merits of vegetarianism
  • Evaluate the merit of a vegan
  • What makes a great American meal
  • Evaluate the Indian cafe located in your city
  • Evaluate a high-end restaurant that you would love to go for a date
  • Evaluate the experience of working a restaurant
  • Discuss the reasons why people love Starbucks like restaurants
  • Discuss the reasons why eating a Mexican meal is an unmatched experience
  • Evaluate the restaurant business model
  • Evaluate your favourite restaurant environment and atmosphere
  • Analyze the organization of different based on your experience
  • Compare and contrast the prices of fast foods at nearby cafes 
  • Evaluate the impacts of pre-cooked food in the supermarket on the client
  • Evaluate the waiting times of your favourite fast food joint
  • Evaluate the merits of all meat diet

Evaluation Essay Topics: Movies, Books, Films Television

Every day, people write books, make movies, and produce television shows. It is, therefore, impossible for you to have a keen eye on the entertainment world. An evaluation essay focusing on movies, books, films, and television production will help shed light on how entertainment has affected life and living in general.

  • Evaluate the moral lesson in the book
  • Evaluate the educational value of a book
  • Evaluate the characters, execution, performers as well as the relationship between the performers
  • Evaluate the setting, prop and animation
  • Evaluate plot, lines and action 
  • Evaluate the special effects, sound, lighting and camera angles
  • Is the movie a sequel and how does it fit in the sequence
  • Has the director worked on a similar film before? Make a comparison
  • Are actors in roles similar to what they have done before
  • Analyze how female and male roles changed in modern romantic movies
  • Evaluate how fiction films impact their viewers
  • Assess the impact of television programmes on student performance
  • Analyze any art movement and its impact on society
  • Analyze any major literary movement
  • Evaluate the addictiveness on TV shows
  • Analyze the means to show romance in modern movies
  • Analyze the ending of a play, book or a film
  • Assess how realistic animations are within a movie
  • Why are TV physics programmes so popular in the US
  • Analyze how well a TV show reflects on the real-life
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Tips On How To Write An Evaluation Essay

  • Define your essay’s topic
  • Craft a thesis statement
  • How will you assess the subject matter
  • Provide shreds of evidence
  • Write the first draft
  • Proofread, review and write your essay

Define Your Essay’s Topic

The first step to writing a remarkable evaluation essay starts with you defining a theme for your paper. There are situations when your tutor avails a topic designated to your writing, and in other circumstances, they allow you to identify one. Where an item is unavailable, you should consider choosing one that you are well conversant with. You can only offer value judgment to a subject that you are familiar with. 

Craft A Thesis Statement 

What is your essay’s purpose? Developing a thesis statement helps you define your paper’s mission to the readers. Your thesis statement must communicate the subject’s value and the criteria used to evaluate ort judge the value. Consider writing a precise, concise, and apparent thesis statement. You are highly advised to revise your thesis statement and update it accordingly as you progress on writing your essay. 

How Will You Assess The Subject Matter?

Understanding what you are to evaluate helps you define different product evaluation criteria. Settling for different benchmarking procedures helps make your essay interesting, engaging, and worthwhile as possible. 

Provide Shreds Of Evidence

You need to support your value judgment with indisputable proof. Your essay doesn’t encompass your opinion alone. Therefore, examine your judgment and look for references that help support your idea. You need to explore multiple resources and settle for the most credible. 

Write The First Draft

You need to sit down and start writing your essay. A first draft doesn’t necessitate a lot from you. Therefore, you need to write all your thoughts, opinions and provide supporting evidence for your value judgment. The first draft paves the way for modifications, corrections, revisions, and editions. 

Proofread, Review, And Rewrite Your Essay

You need to examine the first draft, hence identifying areas that need your attention. It would be best if you considered punctuation, grammar, and flow. Your paper must be revised accordingly, enabling you to provide an essay with no grammatical, flow, and punctuation blemishes. 

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In Conclusion

No doubt writing an evaluation essay has never been a walk in the park. Even though the task is complicated, you should always yearn on writing a perfect and successful evaluation paper. The above essay writing guidelines and topic ideas and examples will enable you to garner proven evaluation essay writing skills.

What is the purpose of an evaluation essay?

The purpose is to show the overall quality of a certain product, business, place, service, or program.

How do you write an evaluation essay?

Here is how to write an evaluation essay; select your topic, craft a thesis statement, check out the product assessment criteria, find a supporting, compose your essay then finally proofread

What is an evaluation tool?

Evaluation tools refer to using data collection tools such as surveys etc.

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