Dissertation Chapter 1 – What Should Be Included

Dissertation Chapter 1 – What Should Be Included Chapter 1 of the dissertation plays a fundamental role in helping readers acknowledge your area of study in a lengthy manner. Therefore, you must always follow the right outline and format. You will agree with me that dissertation chapter one plays an integral role in providing an excellent dissertation […]

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Dissertation Chapter 1 – What Should Be Included

Chapter 1 of the dissertation plays a fundamental role in helping readers acknowledge your area of study in a lengthy manner. Therefore, you must always follow the right outline and format. You will agree with me that dissertation chapter one plays an integral role in providing an excellent dissertation paper.

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Even so, you still need to understand how chapter one of your dissertation should be. This article provides you with insightful information on what a dissertation chapter 1 includes. 

The introduction segment helps introduce the subject at hand to the readers.

In order to do this,

You need to use the funnel approach to start with a broadened perspective while narrowing your study to your dissertation topic. Using the funnel approach helps mark your research territories. 

Therefore, your introduction must provide a few quotes from other researchers.

As a researcher, you need to do your study and understand the research gaps available for your study area.

Through availing quotations from other researchers, you will showcase the possible research gap and the need to fill that gap. 

Background Of The Problem

The problem has been prevailing for years, and you need to showcase this.

Therefore, consider showing the history, geographical setting, and the extent of the problem.

Through the background information you avail, your readers will understand the practicality of the problem and how it has affected life and existence.

Background of the problem helps prepare your readers to understand the relevance of the paper. 

Statement Of The problem

Once you introduce your dissertation, you need to have a statement of the problem.

Every essay must have a problem to be addressed.

Therefore, writing an ideal statement of the problem helps you avail of a powerfully crafted dissertation chapter 1.

There are five different parts of the statement of the problem and they include;

  • Topic
  • Showcase the research gap
  • Evidence
  • Deficiencies
  • Audience
  • Significance of the study
  • Purpose of the study
  • Research questions
  • Research hypothesis
  • Definition of terms
  • Assumptions, limitations, and delimitations
  • Conclusion


The topic helps you identify and state the problem that your research focuses on or addresses.

You need to state the problem from both the practical and theoretical perspectives.

Showcase The Research Gap

Other researchers must have investigated the problem in the past years but haven’t availed a remarkable solution yet.

Therefore, ensure that you showcase the gap available by showing how previous researchers have failed to avail of a proven solution.

The gap in your SOP is different from the one in your introduction. Your introduction’s research gap is broad, but this one must have clarity.


Your readers need irrefutable proof that the problem exists.

Therefore, consider writing a maximum of two paragraphs showcasing what other researchers and papers have written proving the problem’s existence. 


You need to demonstrate how your investigation filled the available gap hence solving the problem.

Your statement of the problem must never provide a specific solution to the problem but should guide readers towards a great solution. 


Who is your targeted audience? You need to identify who your investigation and research eyes focus on and areas where it would be useful. 

Your statement of the problem should have at least five paragraphs, with each paragraph focusing on a specific area.

You cannot provide irrefutable resources when writing your SOP section unless it’s the evidence part. 

Significance Of The Study

Detailing is necessary for this section. Therefore, ensure that you show the significance of your investigation and research to other researchers and people concerned with your specific area of study.

Therefore, ensure that you answer the questions “why and how the study is important?”

Consider showing the research gap available but uniquely from how you presented the gap in your SOP and introduction sections.

The main idea is showcasing the significance of your research in chapter 1 of the dissertation.

Purpose Of The Study

What will your investigation unveil? Your readers need to acknowledge what you are looking for in your studies and what you purpose on revealing. 

Research Questions

Your research must have answers to specific questions. Therefore, understand those questions that you will be answering throughout the study or investigation.

Your research questions should be the same as your purpose, but they are supposed to be in question form. 

The section should have jotted down questions that your research shall answer. It would be best if you considered precision and concision when developing these questions. 

Research Hypothesis 

This section gives you a platform to answer the questions in the previous sections.

It would help if you settled for the null hypotheses while answering the questions. Your answers must be detailed but concise. 

Definition Of Terms

Your chapter 1 should have keywords and terms not commonly used, but they are variables to your dissertation.

Therefore, ensure that you note the keywords and have them defined from a theoretical and operational perspective. 

To define a keyword theoretically, you will have to go through other related research and understand their definition for the particular keywords.

Once you have scanned the papers and identified their keyword definitions, consider quoting these definitions. 

Once you have theoretically defined the keywords, ensure to have another paragraph availing an empirical definition.

Empirical definitions help state how your research defines the keywords. 

Assumptions, limitations, And Delimitations

During your investigation process for chapter 1 of your dissertation, you are prone to have some assumptions and experience some limitations.

You also need to understand the difference between limitation and delimitation.

While a limitation is out of your control as a researcher, delimitation is chosen by you in your research.

For instance, it is your choice to have teenagers answer your questionnaires and not adults. Therefore, you have delimited yourself to having teenagers answer your questions. 


Dissertation chapter 1 must have a conclusion. The conclusion helps remind the reader of the purpose of the research and the statement of the problem.

Without the problem, your thesis becomes null and void. Therefore, ensure that you remain precise and relevant in your conclusion. 

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How thorough you are with your chapter 1 determines how relevant and remarkable your dissertation will be.

Therefore, you should ensure that you understand the outline and what each section brings to the table. 

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What should be in Chapter 1 of a dissertation?

In chapter one you make a compelling case regarding the problem under research.

What is Chapter 1 of a dissertation?

Identify the need for the study and why it is of concern to the researcher. The purpose of the Study section of Chapter 1 provides a reflection of the problem statement and identifies how the study will be accomplished. It explains how the proposed study will contribute to the field.

What are the 5 chapters of a dissertation?

They include; introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, conclusion, discussion, and future consideration.

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