Death Penalty Research Paper

Death Penalty Research Paper Writing a death penalty research paper has never been a walk in the park. Nonetheless, with the right approach, the task simplifies extensively. The fact that you are reading this show that you agree that writing a death penalty research paper is challenging. The majority of people would choose unfathomable exercise […]

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Death Penalty Research Paper

Writing a death penalty research paper has never been a walk in the park. Nonetheless, with the right approach, the task simplifies extensively. The fact that you are reading this show that you agree that writing a death penalty research paper is challenging. The majority of people would choose unfathomable exercise as long as it doesn’t require them to write a death penalty essay.

However, there comes a time when your professor instructs you to write an essay in partial fulfillment of your course. If that’s the case, you need to learn how to write a death penalty research paper in a simplified and smart manner.

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Below are facts that you need to mull over and will help sharpen your writing skills for a death penalty research paper. 

The majority of the students, when faced with the task of crafting a death penalty essay, settle for some ineffective writing strategies. Poor writing strategies will keep pulling your grades down and might end up consuming a lot of your time. Below are things to avoid.

  • Cliches
  • Avoid religion-based arguments
  • Avoid an emotional tone


The use of clichés is popular among students, and instead of adding value to your essay, they make it dull and tiring to follow. For instance, the proverb, “an eye for an eye” should never feature as your approach whenever you choose to write in favor of death penalties. Indeed, taking another person’s life demands a similar action but avoids the cliché approach.

If your essay acts against death penalties, you should avoid the standard clichés like, “You can’t stop violence with violence.” The majority of the students have overused clichés, and settling for one will never add value to your essay or enhance its originality.

Whenever you use a cliché in your work, you fail to portray the evidence and, instead, weaken your argument. The essay must never lose its credibility, and slogans help to describe a poorly researched essay. Readers need supporting evidence that is beyond clichés and reasonable doubts.

 Avoid Religion-Based Arguments

Faith-centric arguments play a disastrous role in your death penalty essay. Not unless your professor dictates that you write a death penalty research paper from a religious perspective, you must never use ideas, facts, and arguments that emanate from a given religion. Tutors look for scholarly tested and proven issues and not some quotations from religious manuscripts and books.

 Avoid An Emotional Tone

Death penalties carry a lot of weight, and this is an emotional subject. Nonetheless, as a scholar, you need to acquire a neutral tone that portrays no anger.

With the right guidance, writing a death penalty research paper becomes a doable task. Below are things to consider.

  • Understand the basics
  • Define your thesis statement
  • Choose your sources diligently
  • Write the first draft

 Understand The Basics

You can not deliver a smart essay where you know nothing about the assignment and the writing guidelines. What type of paper are you expected to write? Answering this question helps you master the right format and writing strategy. What are the acceptable sources? What citation works best for the paper and the professor?

As a student, you need to get all the essential components right. A wrong approach would cost you your grade and time.

 Define Your Thesis Statement

Your research should focus on why the death penalty should be supported or why it should be made abhorrent. However, there is a need for you to get more original and settle for a unique approach. Narrow down your area of focus to the minutest point.

Narrowing down will help you decide on an idea worth developing. The approach will allow you to craft a topic and a thesis statement. The thesis statement gives full insight into what the essay covers. Your writing strategy must be in harmony with your thesis. For example, if your research paper is argumentative, keep your thesis statement contentious.

 Choose Your Sources Diligently

You need to set aside ample research time. You will write a remarkable research paper where your death penalty sources are credible.

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 Write The First Draft

Pre-writing is fundamental to getting all the facts right. You must, therefore, develop an outline marking all the steps and ideas to be developed. Through the outline, your essay will get organized hence, making it possible for you to pre-write the research paper.

Once your draft has been pre-written, you need to peruse through and identify ideas that need redevelopment or revision. It is after correcting all the changes that you write the final draft. Your essay must include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Keenness is necessary when crafting a death penalty research paper. You need to avoid the commonly used topics and identify a unique theme that helps showcase your arguments and craftsmanship. Avoid things that will directly or indirectly ruin your essay. 

                                                            Death penalty on juvenile

                                                            Name of institution


                                                            Name of student


                                                DEATH PENALTY ON JUVENILE

The juvenile justice system holds children accountable for their criminal acts by providing rehabilitation to prevent them from repeating the crime. Children are not able to understand things like an adult would, and that’s why the question is asked if they should undergo capital punishment. A child is not allowed to vote, serve the military, or do jury work because it is assumed that they can’t reason as an adult. The law protects a child, and it is against international human rights to use the death penalty against people who were younger than eighteen years at the time of the offence (Greenwald, 1983).

The Supreme Court prohibits execution for crimes committed under the age of fifteen. The Supreme Court made the ruling in the case of Roper vs Simmons, where it states it was cruel and unusual to execute offences committed under the age of eighteen. Juveniles should not be punished to the same extent that adults are punished. It will be unfair because their brains and impulse control have to fully developed, and therefore, they cannot be able to control somethings. Adolescence and children are also no capable of making a proper judgment, and they quickly make rush decisions. A person fully develops their mind at twenty-two years; therefore, the brain’s functionality of a child cannot be relied upon to make a sound judgment. They will be prone to making unsound decisions without considering the consequences of their actions.

Another reason why juveniles should not be executed is because of their immaturity. A child will not be able to know their rights, and investigators can take advantage of that. They can be manipulated and intimidated by authority figures and adults. This vulnerability will make them victims of false confession to offences that they did not commit. A juvenile can also lack the capacity to understand their right to representation and will not understand some of the legal consequences of the deals that they make.  The juvenile justice system is meant to rehabilitate the child and not to retribution them. Children are more likely to learn and change their behaviour because their brains and emotions are still developing. As they grow, they will learn the mistakes, and they will not repeat the same actions.

In conclusion, children should not be punished the way as adults. The mind of a child has not fully developed, and therefore they are unable to make sound decisions. They are not capable of making decisions like adults and cannot be prosecuted the same way. A child is also vulnerable and is easily coerced by adults to enter a guilty plea without being aware of the consequences of the confession. The juvenile justice system is meant to rehabilitate the child, and since their brains are still developing, they have room to reform. The death penalty is too harsh for a child, and it should not be executed on them.


Greenwald, H. B. (1983). Capital Punishment for Minors: An Eight Amendment Analysis. J. Crim. L. & Criminology74, 1471.

How is the death penalty moral?

It is necessary to adopt capital punishment; this is because the moral obligation of society is to ensure the safety of its citizens and only by putting murders to death will ensure they do not kill again.

How is the death penalty determined?

The death penalty can only work in crimes where the victim dies. However, the state legislatures determine if the murder is eligible for the death penalty.

Who qualifies for death row?

The following are qualified for death row; murder, espionage, attempt to murder a witness, juror, large-scale drug trafficking, and treason.

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