Bullying Research Paper – How To Write One

Bullying Research Paper – How To Write One Writing a bullying research paper takes a high level of craftsmanship. Detailed below are guidelines on how to write one. Bullying has become a common problem for many students in schools. Therefore, teachers have, over the years, required their students to write research papers about bullying with intentions […]

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Bullying Research Paper – How To Write One

Writing a bullying research paper takes a high level of craftsmanship. Detailed below are guidelines on how to write one.

Bullying has become a common problem for many students in schools.

Therefore, teachers have, over the years, required their students to write research papers about bullying with intentions of discovering how the students feel.

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The teachers and the parents have tried customizing proven solutions to bullying with minimum success.

That is why

Writing a bully essay helps give effective solutions.

When crafting a bullying essay, you are expected to brainstorm on the different ideas available to design a catchy and compelling topic.

Even though there are multiple types of bullying essays, you are required to work with a definite structure.

Explained below are tips fundamental to writing a research paper about bullying.

A bully research paper is peculiar and distinctive from other types and essays.

Understanding these distinctive features makes it possible for you to portray and capture the peculiarity of a bullying essay.

What is bullying?

This is the first question that you need to ask.

Bullying is harming another person psychologically, physically, or in any other way.

The essay will, therefore, focus on revealing the behaviours of an aggressive student towards another.

  • Follow the guidelines given by your instructor
  • Have a topic
  • Have an outline
  • Work with a thesis statement
  • Craft a compelling introduction
  • Develop the main body

Follow The Guidelines Given By Your Instructor

Teachers instruct students to write research papers and essays about bullying.

Different teachers give different guidelines to be followed and considered by the students when assigning bullying essays

Therefore, you need to acknowledge these guidelines and have them followed accordingly.

Have A Topic

It is through crafting an interesting and catchy topic that you write a successful research paper about bullying.

There are so many topics to dwell on, but keenness in choosing the most passionate one is necessary.

People who have been bullied or have bullied others tend to identify a passionate topic fast.

Have An Outline

Your research paper must be organized. Therefore, for you to avoid wasting a lot of time, ensure to have an outline crafted.

Being open-minded will help you craft an outline encompassing all the significant ideas. 

The outline must be clear and brief.

Work With A Thesis Statement

Your research paper needs a thesis statement. Therefore, ensure to think about your thesis.

Your thesis statement needs to incorporate all the major ideas of your research.

Keep the statement as short as possible and, when necessary, in either one or two sentences.

Craft A Compelling Introduction

Apart from the topic, the introduction plays a fundamental role in compelling readers.

Therefore, you need to design and write an attention-grabbing introduction.

It is through understanding your targeted audience that you design the right way to snatch their attention.

At times, you could just ask questions or lay down facts.

In your introductory part, you should consider helping the readers understand the meaning of bullying.

Have your problem statement captured.

A catchy introduction helps the readers acknowledge the significance of the topic and the findings in your research paper.

Develop The Main Body

Your main body works in support of your thesis statement. Bullying is a major the society is facing today. Therefore, it must be solved with an immediate effect.

Therefore, your body should have three or four paragraphs showing facts and statistics of why the bullying problem needs urgent solving.

Conclude Your Research Paper

Readers are prone to remember the last parts of essays more than the other parts.

To develop, a high level of craftsmanship, you should have your standpoint portrayed in your conclusion.

The conclusion should help the reader understand why the research paper was ideal for them.

It is in the conclusion that a reader understands the value of the bully research paper.

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Proofread Your Research Paper

Once you finish writing, ensure to examine whether you have made grammatical errors and other mistakes in your essay.

Avoid hastiness, when proofreading your work.

Bullying needs urgent solutions and it’s through bullying research papers that a solution can be availed and realized.

Therefore, ensure to brainstorm on ideal bullying topics, develop a problem statement, support your statement through crafting a detailed and factual body, and offer your standpoint.

Cyberbullying Among Teenagers



Cyber Bullying Among Teenagers

Cyberbullying has become a significant issue in today’s society. Due to the advancement of technology, teenagers are now more exposed to cyberbullying than they have ever been.

Access to personal devices and social media has enabled more accessible communication and further new ways through which bullies can get to their victims. Cyberbullying may occur on the basis of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

However, educators have made efforts to curb the effects of cyberbullying; it is difficult to get ahead of a problem that involves the internet, which is everywhere. Cyberbullying has been known to cause various effects, including depression, suicide, mental and physical disorder as well as drug abuse.

The current society has enabled multiple ways through which communication can take place. The number of people creating social media on a daily basis is constantly growing. Although adolescents are growing up in a digital world, their parents and educators must guide them on how to handle using the internet.

Cyberbullying is a significant cause of depression. It occurs when a victim is exposed to cyberbullying, causing them to stress over the issue. When a teenager is cyberbullied, they may experience fear and develop insecurities that cause them to go into depression.

This is because cyberbullies seek to affect their victim mentally by reaching into their fears and insecurities and manipulating them. Depression may also occur as a result of low self-esteem issues.

Social media today has exposed teenagers to the internet, which allows bullies to manipulate them by reducing their confidence levels and making them feel inefficient, both physically and mentally. 

Suicide rates have been shown to increase through cyberbullying. This has primarily occurred in the digital era, where teenage bullies can easily find their victims.

Research indicates that most teenagers experience suicidal thoughts when bullied because of the crucial state of this state of development. Through the use of mobile devices, it is now easier than ever to harass victims.

This involves setting up defamatory sites on Facebook and Instagram to spread false rumours through social media platforms. Cyberbullying has also been glamorized in Hollywood.

Movies such as Mean Girls, which involved social acceptance and bullies who gain their confidence through inflicting mental pain in others has encouraged cyberbullying.

They often fail when it comes to showing the consequences of bullying on the victim.  It is vital that a teenager develop a strong character during this stage to prevent them from being affected by these bullies.

Mental disorders may result from cyberbullies. This is because a bully’s main aim is to cause fear and psychological torture in their victims. Later on, the victim begins to form a feeling of inferiority and anxiety, which leads to mental disorders and inefficient character development.

A teenager may result in drug abuse to help them cope with the situation of feeling inferior ad this may lead them to depend on drugs when dealing with their emotions.

As 5the issue continues to grow, both parents and educators must develop a zero-tolerance policy for cyberbullying. This means having severe consequences for people found participating in cyberbullying.

They need to ensure that a school environment is safe so that all students can develop the confidence to learn and become the best version of themselves.

Although there is no quick fix to the problem, it is crucial to call out bullies in the open to prevent them from hiding behind their devices and bullies’ other teenagers.

What are the effects of bullying essay?

Bullying victims mostly suffer from depression, anxiety especially where they have experienced prolonged harrassment. It can also lead to low self esteem.

How do you start a bullying essay?

In the introduction, you should introduce the topic that you want to discuss and ensure you define the term bullying well.

What is the cause and effect of cyberbullying?

Bullying causes significant emotional and psychological distress and it may lead to low self esteem and depression,

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