100+ The Best Argumentative Essay Topics 

100+ The Best Argumentative Essay Topics  Argumentative essays are one of the most common essays that college students write. This is because they allow you to take a position on a topic and argue your point of view. The formal argumentative essay requires extensive research on a topic, and it has three main sections comprised […]

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100+ The Best Argumentative Essay Topics 

Argumentative essays are one of the most common essays that college students write. This is because they allow you to take a position on a topic and argue your point of view. The formal argumentative essay requires extensive research on a topic, and it has three main sections comprised of five paragraphs: one introductory, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion. This essay can be challenging if you don’t have a good topic. Good argumentative essay topic ideas are where you can comfortably argue your perspective. Moreover, pick a topic that interests you. It should also be debatable, meaning the argument has two sides. If you choose one of our argumentative essay topics but get challenged writing your essay, our academic writers are here to help you.

Characteristics of a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

Here is what makes a good argumentative essay topic

Well-Defined/ Well Phrased

When writing an argumentative essay, choosing a good title and structure is one of the most important things. In addition, a good topic should be specific enough to cover it entirely in the available space. Being particular and choosing a debatable topic will give you the best chance of writing a successful argumentative essay.

Simple and Clear

It’s no secret that writing an effective argumentative essay can be a bit of a challenge. After all, you must be able to take a position on a controversial topic and defend it convincingly. However, one of the keys to success is choosing a clear and straightforward topic. A complex or convoluted topic makes your essay difficult to follow, and your argument may get lost in the shuffle. By contrast, a specific topic will be much easier to develop and communicate effectively. So if you want to score high marks on your following essay, choose a simple argumentative essay topic.

Features of Good Argumentative Essay Topics.


Argumentative essays are a prevalent form of academic writing. As the name suggests, you will make an argument or take a position on a given topic in an argumentative essay. Your essay’s success will largely depend on the strength of your argument. That’s why choosing a relevant and arguable topic is so important. A relevant topic is timely and connected to your own experiences or observations. A debatable topic is reasonably debatable by people who hold differing perspectives. When choosing a topic for your argumentative essay, make sure to select one that meets both of these criteria. Doing so will give you the best chance of crafting a successful and persuasive piece of writing.


Writing an argumentative essay paper is impossible without an apparent, arguable angle to take on the material. A good researchable argumentative essay topic will strike a balance between being specific enough to find relevant information but not so narrow that there’s nothing new. A common pitfall is choosing a topic that is too broad; while it may be tempting to try and cover everything in one paper, this approach almost always leads to a shallow, unfocused essay. On the other hand, picking a too-specific topic can also be problematic. This can result in a paper that simply regurgitates existing research or, worse, comes up short when it’s time to find sources. The best topics strike that perfect balance between the two extremes. By finding a good researchable topic, you’re setting yourself up for success from the start.


One of the challenges of writing an argumentative essay is finding the right topic. The topic should be neither too broad nor too narrow. A too-general topic will allow for too much detail, making it difficult to focus the essay. On the other hand, too few cases will not provide enough information to write a persuasive argument. The ideal topic will be specific enough for a well-reasoned argument but not so clear that there is no room for discussion. By carefully choosing a topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow, writers can ensure that their argumentative essay is informative and engaging. If you are having any challenges writing your essay, our professionals are ready to help.

How to choose an argumentative essay topic

When choosing an argumentative essay topic, several important factors must be considered. The following are some techniques that can help you brainstorm and narrow down your options:

Brainstorming Techniques:

One way to generate ideas for your argumentative essay topic is to use brainstorming techniques. Two popular techniques are free writing and mind mapping. Free writing involves writing down any topic that comes to mind without worrying about whether it is a good fit for an argumentative essay. This can help you generate ideas that you may not have considered otherwise. On the other hand, mind mapping involves creating a visual representation of your ideas and how they relate to each other. This can help you see connections between topics and identify areas of interest.

Consideration of Personal Interests:

Choosing a topic, you are passionate about or interested in learning more about can help you stay motivated and engaged throughout the writing process. It’s also important to consider your audience and their interests when selecting a topic. If you are writing for a specific class, consider choosing a topic related to the course material. This can help you make a connection between what you’re learning and how it applies to real-world issues.

Research on Current Issues:

Another way to find a good argumentative essay topic is to stay up-to-date on current events and issues by reading news articles, opinion pieces, and academic journals. Consider controversial topics currently debated in society or your field of study. This can help you identify a topic that is both relevant and interesting to you.

Discussion with Peers and Mentors:

Discussing potential topics with classmates or colleagues can also help you generate ideas and get feedback. Seek guidance from your instructors or mentors to ensure your topic is appropriate and relevant for your assignment. They may also be able to provide resources and ideas that you may not have considered.
Here are some argumentative essay ideas you can use:

Society & Culture Argumentative Essay Topics

  • When Will LGBTQ Individuals Achieve True Equality? Analyzing Barriers and Solutions
  • Culture vs. Religion: Exploring the Complexities and Contradictions of Shared Beliefs
  • The Drinking Age Dilemma: Making a case for Raising or Lowering the Legal Drinking Age
  • Healthcare: A Fundamental Human Right or Personal Responsibility? Debating Ethical Implications
  • Individuality vs. Conformity: Examining the Tension Between Cultural Identity and Harmony
  • The Cultural Power of Music: Making a case for its Influence on Identity and Belief Systems
  • Protecting Cultural Heritage: Balancing Preservation with Modern Standards
  • Artistic Expression as a Universal Right: Critiquing the Role of the United Nations in Art Protection
  • The Gun Control Debate: Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Stricter Gun Control Laws and Gun Rights
  • The Cultural Impact of COVID-19: Analyzing Attitudinal Shifts and Their Long-Term Effects
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Evaluating Progress Towards Gender Equality and Addressing Remaining Challenges
  • Slavery in Plain Sight: Making a case for Combating Human Trafficking and Exploitation
  • Social Media’s Effect on Cultural Values: Dissecting the Positive and Negative Consequences
  • The Social Media Divide: Investigating Whether Social Media Platforms are Divisive or Unifying Forces in Society
  • Bridging the Gap: Assessing Solutions to Combat Income Inequality
  • Globalization’s Threat to Local Culture: Debating its Influence on Traditional Practices and Values
  • The Business of Diversity: Assessing the Effects of Workplace Diversity on Organizational Success and Productivity
  • The Beauty Beast: Investigating Whether Beauty Pageants Empower or Objectify Women
  • Protect and Serve? Analyzing the Efficacy of Law Enforcement and Strategies for Reform
  • Europe vs. America: Comparing and Contrasting Unique Cultural Characteristics and Identifying Differences
  • A Fair Day’s Pay: Making a case for Raising the Minimum Wage
  • The Immigration Question: Debating the Impact of Illegal Immigrants on the Economy and Society
  • Cultural Relativism: Investigating How Our Cultural Backgrounds Influence our Perceptions and Understanding of the World
  • The Price of Play: Examining the Debate over Paying College Athletes
Argumentative Essay Topics - Argumentative Essay Help.

History Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Progress or Peril? Assessing the Legacy of Colonialism on Third World Countries
  • Lessons from the Past: Investigating Whether History Truly Repeats Itself
  • The Domino Effect: Analyzing Whether the Outcomes of WWI Paved the Way for WWII
  • The Unsuspecting Hosts: Examining the Role of Soldiers in the Spread of the Spanish Flu During WWI
  • The Roots of Inequality: Tracing the Emergence of Slavery in British America
  • The Cradle of Humanity: Investigating the Evidence for Human Origins in Africa
  • From Chains to Struggle: Assessing the Ongoing Effects of Slavery on the Lives of Modern African Americans
  • Empowered or Disenchanted? Analyzing the Impact of Women’s Liberation on Their Quality of Life
  • A Dark Legacy: Unpacking the Factors that Contributed to the Rise of Naziism in Germany
  • The Scarlet Letter of History: Examining the Moral Stain of African American Treatment in the US
  • Keeping Up or Falling Behind? Analyzing the Role of Organized Labor in Today’s Economic Landscape
  • America’s Original Sin: Tracing the History of Racism and Discrimination in the United States
  • A Clash of Cultures: Examining the Causes and Consequences of the Mexican-American War
  • The Righteous or the Wicked: Evaluating Whether the Expulsion of Native Americans was Justified
  • Myth or Reality? Reassessing Abraham Lincoln’s Status as an American Hero

Political Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Making a case for Women as Heads of State.
  • Left or Right? Assessing Which Political Party’s Ideology Best Aligns with Society’s Needs
  • Standing Strong: Evaluating the African Union’s Capacity to Protect Its Interests in the Modern World
  • The Cost of Capitalism: Debating Whether the Pursuit of Profits is the Best Economic System for All
  • Strangers in Their Land: Making a case for Equal Rights for Migrants and Indigenous Citizens
  • From Civilians to Soldiers: Assessing Whether Military Training Should be Mandatory for All Citizens
  • Age and Accountability: Analyzing the Ideal Age for Obtaining the Right to Vote
  • The Human Toll of War: Debating Whether War is Always a Political Decision
  • Balancing Privacy and Security: Evaluating Whether National Security Should Take Precedence Over People’s Privacy
  • Fighting a Losing Battle? Investigating Whether It’s Possible to Completely Overcome Corruption

Health and Nutrition Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Beyond Profit: Examining Whether Manufacturers Should be Held Accountable for the Health Effects of Their Products
  • Prisoners are People Too: Making a case for Equal Access to Healthcare Behind Bars.
  • Sickness or Choice? Investigating the Nature of Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • Mind Over Matter: Examining the State of Mental Health and Solutions for Improvement
  • From Roots to Remedy: Arguing for the Superiority of Herbal Medicine Over Traditional Medical Practices
  • Mercy or Murder? Analyzing the Ethics of Doctors’ Authority to End Terminally Ill Patients’ Lives
  • Going Meat-Free: Evaluating Whether Humans Can Survive Without Meat Consumption
  • Rise and Shine: Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?
  • Contraception Conundrum: Examining the Debate Over Birth Control Pills and Access to Reproductive Healthcare
  • The Blame Game: Investigating Whether the Causes of Obesity are More Physical or Mental
  • From Couch Potato to Athlete: Assessing the Health Benefits of Different Sports
  • Night Owls Beware: Examining Whether Bedtime Habits Affect Overall Health and Well-Being

Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

  • Equal Access or Separate Paths? Debating Whether Children with Special Needs Should be Educated Alongside Their Peers
  • The Test of Education: Analyzing Whether Standardized Test Scores Should Determine Graduation Eligibility
  • A Price Too High: Examining Whether the Costs of College Education Outweigh the Benefits
  • Boys and Girls Apart: Investigating the Benefits of Attending Single-Sex Schools
  • Dressing for Success: Analyzing Whether School Uniforms Can Improve Academic Achievement
  • The School of Hard Knocks: Examining the Success Stories of College Dropouts
  • The College Conundrum: Analyzing the Value of a College Degree in Today’s Job Market.
  • Education, Inc.: Evaluating Whether Education is More of a Business Than a Public Good Today
  • Breaking Down Barriers: Making a case for Free Education for All
  • The Online Classroom Revolution: Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Online Colleges
  • Global Citizenry: Analyzing the Importance of Learning a Foreign Language in School
  • To Discipline or Not to Discipline: Debating Whether Teachers Should Be Allowed to Physically Discipline Their Students
  • Equal Education for All: Making a case for Reforming Public Schools to Ensure Equitable Access to High-Quality Education

Argumentative Essay Topics About Technology

  • Love in the Digital Age: Assessing Whether Online Dating is Replacing Traditional Dating
  • The Creative Dilemma: Examining Whether Technology is Limiting the Creative Potential of Young People
  • The Eyes of Justice: Making a case for Mandatory Body Cameras for Police Officers
  • Data Minefield: Analyzing the Ethics of Social Media Companies Collecting User Data
  • A Basic Necessity: Making a case for Free Internet Access for All
  • The Phone Obsession: Assessing Whether We are Too Dependent on Our Mobile Devices
  • The Cost of Security: Evaluating Whether Spy Applications Invade User Privacy
  • The Social Network Effect: Debating Whether a Candidate’s Social Media Profiles Should Be Considered in the Hiring Process
  • The Self-Driving Dilemma: Analyzing Whether Self-Driving Cars are Safe Enough for the Roads
  • The Productivity Paradox: Investigating Whether Technology is Making People More or Less Efficient
  • The Rise of the Machines: Examining Whether Artificial Intelligence controls the Future
  • The Code of Education: Making a case for Teaching Coding in High School
  • Swipe Left or Right: Assessing the Drawbacks and Benefits of Online Dating Apps
  • Fame or Fortune: Investigating Whether Social Media Fame Has a Significant Impact on One’s Life
  • Turning Pages: Debating Whether Reading Ebooks is Superior to Reading Paper Books.
  • The Virtual Violence Debate: Analyzing Whether Violent Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior in Young People
  • The Screen Time Struggle: Assessing Whether Too Much Screen Time is Harming Children’s Development

Literature Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Beyond Books: Examining the Necessity of Libraries in the Digital Age
  • Belle of the Ball: Exploring Feminism and Self-Sacrifice in Beauty and the Beast
  • Happily Never After Analyzing How Arguments and Conflicts are Depicted in Fairy Tales
  • The Bard’s Legacy: Evaluating Whether Shakespeare’s Plays are Timeless and Universally Relevant
  • Divine Inspiration: Examining How Literature Shapes Our Religious Beliefs and Visions
  • The Power of Myth: Investigating How Mythological Literature Has Influenced Art Throughout History
  • From Page to Screen: Analyzing Whether Movies Based on Books Do Justice to the Original Literature
  • The Dark Side of Stephen King: Assessing Whether the Author’s Novels Contain Sexist Themes
  • The Revolution of Reading: Investigating How the Invention of the Printing Press Changed Interest in Literature
  • Heroes and Villains: Examining the Different Portrayals of Anti-Heroes and Villains Across Various Works.

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  • From Screens to Scars: Understanding Cyberbullying and Strategies for Prevention
  • Beyond the Binary: Examining How Stereotypes of the 21st Century are Disrupting Behavioral Patterns
  • The Beat Goes On: Analyzing How Different Music Styles Impact One’s Psychological Condition
  • The Art of Decision-Making: Investigating How People Decide Between Buying Things
  • Blue or Pink: Debating Whether Parents Should Gender Stereotype Their Children
  • Minds at War: Assessing Whether Personality Disorders Can Be Treated Effectively
  • The Faith Factor: Analyzing Whether Religion Has an Impact on Personality Building
  • Women as Muse: Investigating Why Women are the Inspiration for Poetry and Songs
  • Gender Acceptance in Religion: Examining Whether Religions Should Accept Gender-Diverse Individuals
  • From Despair to Hopelessness: Analyzing the Causes and Solutions to Suicidal Tendencies
  • Dreamscape: Examining Whether Dreams Hold Significant Meaning
  • Truth or Lie: Debating Whether Lie Detectors are Reliable Tools for Determining Truth
  • Projecting the Mind: Assessing the Reliability of Projective Tests
  • The Power of Suggestion: Analyzing Whether Hypnosis Can Help with Failed Memory
  • Us vs. Them: Investigating Whether Prejudice Against Different Groups is Inherent to Human Nature.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Morality and Ethics

  • Beyond Lab Rats: Analyzing Whether Animal Testing Should be Banned
  • The Right to Choose: Examining the Pros and Cons of Banning Abortion
  • To Kill or Not to Kill: Analyzing Whether the Death Penalty is an Effective Deterrent to Crime
  • The Corporal Conundrum: Debating Whether Corporal Punishment Has a Place in Modern Education
  • Life and Death: Debating Whether Euthanasia is a Form of Assisted Suicide
  • The Cost of Care: Examining Whether Doctors Should Deny Treatment to Patients Who Can’t Afford It
  • The Right to Bear Arms: Debating Whether People Should be Allowed to Use Guns to Protect Their Homes from Intruders
  • The Ethics of Torture: Analyzing Whether Torture is Ever Acceptable
  • Eye for an Eye: Debating Whether Killing a Murderer is an Immoral Act
  • To Save or Not to Save: Examining Whether It’s Moral to Refuse to Save Someone’s Life at Your Own Risk
  • Celebrity Invasion: Assessing Whether Paparazzi Violate the Private Lives of Celebrities

Common mistakes to avoid when choosing an argumentative essay topic

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing an argumentative essay topic:

Using Emotional Appeals Instead of Logical Arguments:

One common mistake is to choose a topic based solely on emotional appeal rather than sound logical arguments. While choosing a topic you feel passionate about is important, evidence, facts, and logical reasoning should support your argument. Emotional appeals alone are not enough to persuade your audience.

Lack of Research and Evidence:

Another mistake is choosing a topic without research and gathering sufficient evidence to support your argument. Without solid evidence, your argument may come across as weak and unsupported. Research the topic thoroughly to ensure that you have a solid foundation for your argument.

Failure to Address Opposing Viewpoints:

Failing to consider opposing viewpoints can weaken your argument and make it less effective. Considering the opposing side, you can address counterarguments and provide a more well-rounded and convincing argument. This also shows that you have researched and understand the issue’s complexity.


Choosing a topic others have covered extensively and failing to give proper credit can lead to plagiarism. Be sure to properly cite your sources and avoid directly copying content from other sources. Plagiarism can have serious consequences and can undermine the credibility of your argument.

Start Writing!

In conclusion, choosing an argumentative essay topic requires careful consideration of various factors, such as personal interest, relevance to the audience, and the availability of sufficient evidence to support one’s position. Students can engage their readers and make their essays stand out by choosing a creative and interesting topic.

However, it is important to avoid common mistakes, such as choosing a topic that is too broad, controversial, or emotionally charged. Instead, students should aim for topics that are specific, debatable, and supported by credible sources. With the right topic and approach, argumentative essays can be a powerful tool for expressing one’s opinion, exploring complex issues, and promoting critical thinking skills.


What is a good argument topic for school?

A good argument topic for school is relevant to the course material and is also interesting and engaging for the student. Some examples of good argumentative essay topics for school include the impact of social media on society, the effectiveness of standardized testing, and the pros and cons of school uniforms.

What are some fun argumentative topics?

Fun argumentative essay topics can be a bit more lighthearted and less serious. Some examples of fun argumentative essay topics include the benefits of owning a pet, the best pizza toppings, or the importance of napping.

What are some Unique argumentative essay topics?

Unique argumentative essay topics can set your essay apart from others and can also be more challenging to research and write about. Some examples of unique argumentative essay topics include the impact of artificial intelligence on society, the benefits and drawbacks of online learning, and the role of fashion in society.

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